Walking Barefoot in the Snow – A Dog World Problem

(This post has a soundtrack.)

You’ve heard of first world problems. But your true suffering comes from Dog World Problems.

Golden retriever in snow with human foot prints.

Let’s take a closer look.

Bare human foot print in the snow.

Mike’s bare foot print.


Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge.

Your Turn: Would you walk in the snow barefoot for your dog?

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  1. Been there, done that. Snow, mud, sharp stones, hot pavement, down the sides of steep ravines, ran into pack of coyotes, extracted all sorts of disgusting things from their mouth…

  2. Oh BRRRRRRRRRR! You couldn’t pay Ma to walk in the snow barefoot.

  3. Oh hell no. I would never do that.

  4. That is true love xx

  5. Jimmy would rather burst his bladder than go outside alone! Wilson is happy to go out alone, but he won’t pee in his own yard!

  6. I love to be barefoot, but not in the snow!
    Kelly and Ike love to go out in the snow, but rain is another matter. No way!

  7. I haven’t done that one, but I’ve done the hot-land equivalent–I’ve nearly burned my feet on the patio several times. Now I keep a pair of flip flops by the door.

  8. Heck no! I have my Wellies right by the back door so I can slip them on before we head out! lol

  9. I would put boots on with pajamas to play in the snow with them.

  10. Ah, that sounds like a nightmare! 🙁 I don’t know how you northern’s do it.

  11. No snow in our part of town (Cairns Queensland Australia) & i certainly wouldn’t be attempting it barefoot!!!!

  12. Time to get an extra set of slippers for that hubby of yours and keep them by the door. LOL!