Wacky Pet Products – The Turd Burglar

Here’s a question for my Canadian friends:

What could possibly make hockey more fun? Why adding dog turds, of course.

The fling is the thing

The Turd Burglar

You saw it here--the one and only (hopefully) Turd Burglar

Simply scooping dog poop is not exciting enough. And where’s the enjoyment in the old wrap-your-hand-in-plastic-and-pick-it-up?

Even the seldom-tried method of creating a snowball with a disgusting tootsie roll center does not bring the hours of entertainment of sh*t on a stick—a hockey stick that is.

Introducing the turd burglar

If it didn’t exist already, someone would have to invent it.

The turd burgler is a plastic sleeve you place over the end of your hockey stick that allows you to fling dog poop, where? Well, I’m not sure what the intention is.

Actually, if you visit the website of the Turd Burgler, www.tburglar.com (can you imagine the heartbreak on finding that the domain name “turd burglar” was already taken?), you’ll find all kinds of games you can play with your turd burgler:

  • politician poop
  • poopie pants
  • groweler boweler
  • Bocce poop
  • LaCrappe
  • and many more.

A closer look at this exciting pet-related product

Luckily for me, the intrepid bloggers at PawshPal decided to try the turd burglar for themselves and taped the results. Yes, we have video evidence that someone has ordered and tried this product.

Worst pet-related product ever? Or crazy genius?

So tell me, will you be buying one of these so your kids can keep their hockey skills strong in the summer months? Anyone prefer their dog poop contact be at the end of a long stick?

Or is this just the worst idea ever?

And am I the only person wondering what some underpaid factory worker in China is thinking while he cranks out hundreds of these?

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  1. Jen says you should give that to your friends who hate it when dogs poop in their yard!

  2. OMG! I am speechless, that is just an odd one, but very funny!!

  3. LOL that is great. I could use one of those when I am trail walking to fling poop off the trail. Sampson has some modesty and goes into the woods to poop, but Delilah just lets it go wherever she happens to be. Lots of times it’s smack dab in the middle of the trail.

  4. Hahahahaha I am laughing so hard about the turd burglar (and thanks for reminding me about the snowball with a gross tootsie roll center story, that never stops being funny).

  5. Be careful about putting “turd” in your titles. You will attract riff-raff like me. 😉

    I will have you know, though, that this thing is so absurd, that I’m failing to see the humor in it. I think it’s that “Turd Burglar” evokes images of a certain cartoon man in a jail-bird suit and mask, NOT a hockey stick. Now I’ve got a disturbing image of McDonald’s hamburgers, Ronald McDonald and flying dog poo in my head. Not good. :)

    Happy weekend!

  6. That would be fun to knock turds back in your neighbor’s yard when their dog prefers your yard. I think the turd bucket is much stupider.

  7. I’m somewhat terrified by everything I’ve just read here. Just sayin’.

  8. Very very ….um, different. I’m casting my vote for “worst pet related product” although I’m sure there are others just as absurd!!

  9. Worst. Idea. Ever. Forget being a Canadian, *why* would anyone want to play with dog poop?

  10. Genius! I am so totally buying this for my husband for Christmas. Thanks for helping me cross someone off my list!

  11. “can you imagine the heartbreak on finding that the domain name “turd burglar” was already taken?” that just CRACKED me up!!

  12. I think it’s brilliant, in a 12-year-old boy sort of way. Note to self: keep boyfriend and preteen pseudo-stepson AWAY from your blog until this idea is safely in the archives.

    Am I the only one who finds picking up poop with an inverted plastic bag uniquely satisfying?

  13. Hi Y’all,

    I’m still BOL!!! We use a snow shovel in our yard. It’s a bit more accurate in heavin’ it over the fence! BOL!! My poop on the other side keeps the neighbors cat away. 😉

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. If someone really loved me, or really wanted to see me end up in jail, they’d get me one of those! Our neighbors, the Village Idiots, tie their dogs outside their back door because they’re too lazy to take them around to the pen. So all this poop piles up our there, right by our property line… You can see where the temptation might just be too much for me!

  15. Hey, one of my neighbors needs this! She tries to fling her dogs poo off into the woods with a stick/twig/branch…As you can assume, the results are sorely lacking in a ‘complete launch’ as the T.B. can do!

  16. This is a Canadian invention right? Only Canadians could be *that* obsessed with their hockey sticks!

  17. I foresee all kinds of poop-related accidents … like your husband comes around the corner just as you’re winding up to practice your slap shot. Splat!

  18. You know, get 12 of those and we could have a good game at the dog park.

  19. OMG – my husband and I laughed so hard at this (he is a hockey fan!!). Too funny :)