Wacky Pet Products: The Dog Chastity Belt

Talk to anyone involved in animal rescue and it won’t be long before sex comes up.

Yes, dogs and cats need good homes. But eventually everyone gets back to the big topic: preventing unwanted litters.

Spay before you play.

Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me regularly posts in her Spay and Neuter with a Smile series. And it doesn’t look like she’s running out of inspiration any time soon.

But what if you plan to intentionally breed your dog? How do you protect your dog from the dangers of unprotected sex with renegade males?

Thank goodness for the dog chastity belt.

I’ll leave the description to the product’s inventor.

And finally, here’s a glimpse of the product in use.

Warning: this video is not safe for work. It features attempts at sexual congress. And no, I’m not talking about Newt Gingrich’s love life. (Apologies to my international readers for such a pun-ishing, American insider joke.)
Of course, the big problem with this video is that it doesn’t start out with the male German Shepherd turning up at the door with a tool belt to fix the dishwasher…

I giggled because I watched the “puppy porn” video first. But after listening to the interview with the inventor I was won over.

Of course, the chastity belt does nothing to alleviate the frustration of the dogs dealing with their biological urges.

Maybe the next wacky dog product should be a mellowing agent, an anti-Viagra. Any inventors out there looking for a project?

What do you think of the Dog Chastity Belt? Useful? Ridiculous? Any breeders out there who use such a product?
[Thanks to the gals at Pawshpal for yet another wacky pet product.]

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  1. Looking at Kenzo wearing his “cone of shame” to prevent him of licking his fresh neutering scar. It makes me wonder. If it would be a little smaller AND I would put it in another place … We might have a winner!

  2. I am proud to have inspired your posting these videos! I haven’t had such a good laugh in a long time as I had from the second one. I did have to wonder just how porous that doggy chastity belt might have been, because at one point the guy looked pretty happy. I also wondered whether girl dogs will use it to get more oral sex…

  3. Poor GSD needs a cold shower.
    I think this is a good idea. Even the tiniest male dog can destroy a house to get to his woman in heat. And the bitch would be cheering him on. I think this is a great idea for anyone who raises show dogs or has a responsible breeding program. We get so brainwashed about spaying and neutering that we can forget there are dogs who should pass their genes along to another generation. The emphasis should be on responsible breeding instead of condemning anyone who doesn’t spay or neuter their dogs. I’m not a breeder, but I have friends who are. It’s an expensive hobby for them.

  4. In theory, I think it’s a good idea, but I have to wonder how safe that mesh would be as a barrier. I’m also not sure I’d want to be the one cleaning that thing! Now that I’ve met a breeder who’s responsible and very conscientious, I can see where some people would need a product like that. I just hope that it’s never me! And by that, I mean for my dog!

  5. That poor male! That’s just cruel! :)

    I have heard of these. I don’t know. Personally I would be scare to trust it. Maybe if it was made of armor or something. lol I think the dogs would work up such a frenzy they’d find a way through it. If you haven’t witnessed a male and female going through an entire heat, it’s a long stretch of pure insanity that I don’t a mesh cover is going to stop. But that ‘s just my personal opinion.

  6. Poor dogs! I can feel their frustration from here. I suppose it’s a good idea (as in better than nothing) but if you’re not wanting to breed your dog, why not just neuter/spay them? I’m afraid I really don’t understand the hand wringing that goes on over the procedure.

    Love the choice of music though lol.

  7. I suppose that it’s a useful product if you are a breeder that has multiple dogs, but what happens when the female has to pee? I certainly don’t want to clean that apparatus :(

  8. Seriously?

    I mean, I get the need for it I suppose, and it certainly would help prevent over-breeding your dog but… There has got to be a better way. Maybe someone should invent a BC pill for dogs? This just doesn’t look comfortable.

  9. All I can think about now it Robin Hood: Men in Tights…