Wacky Pet Products: Pet Paint

At BlogPaws, I saw a new pet product to join the illustrious list that includes Neuticles, a Doggy Chastity Belt, and the Turd Burglar.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Pet Paint.

The dogs who accompanied these sponsors didn’t seem to mind being painted. And they were certainly eye-catching.

Golden Retriever with bright colored Kong and Toy.

I think I’ll leave the bright colors to my butterfly stuffie and Kong. Who would want to mess with golden perfection?

Pet Paint is not yet available in stores but you should be able to buy it by Halloween.

What do you think? Too cute? Or too weird?

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  1. I just got an e-mail from them last night asking if I wanted to review it on the blog or give some away or something. While the thought of a Kuster zebra does amuse me, I am here to tell you that I would have way more of that paint on me than he would have on him! Mr. Taleteller would KILL me, too!

    I could see it as an alternative, though, if you wanted a costume for your dog but had one that wouldn’t tolerate wearing anything.

  2. Too darn weird I’d rather have the turd burglar!

  3. What will they think of next? 😉 I don’t see the harm in it, though I don’t know if I’d ever use such a thing myself. A lot of dogs would probably prefer paint to bulky clothing that gets in their way or rides up their torsos. As long as the paint itself is dog-friendly, why not?

  4. I wouldn’t use it. My dogs won’t even stand still for flea spray!

  5. Weird!! Although my husband is always wanting asking if they have paint so we can paint Fiona black and Silver white. Maybe he finally got his wish. BOL!

  6. That is just silly….. But that is my opinion only.

  7. I bet this is going to take off! I hope no one sees a painted dog and thinks it’ll be okay to use just any old spray paint.

    I had to revisit the other novelties on your old posts. Do you think there are a lot of weird dog owners out there or what?

  8. Besides worrying about what chemicals are in the paint product, and the fact that I prefer my dogs to be dogs and not walking advertisements, I guess I find nothing wrong with the painting your pet. Just kidding.

    I have no desire to paint any of my pets – whether for Halloween or not. I also prefer not to anthromorphize my pet. Yuck.

  9. Ya I saw that at blogpaws too. I think clothing, well cute clothing, is about as far as I could go with my dogs.

  10. I searched out an intriguing video of a woman who safely paints her horse showing his skeleton or muscles or digestive tract….I found two women who use paint this way but this video verbalizes using horse safe paint.
    I don’t know if I would paint my dog for fun but as an anatomical tool like this, it would make a very interesting presentation. http://youtu.be/dQ0gp9YVUJQ

  11. Very, very weird. It’s not bad enough that we dress them up….now we can paint them too. Good thing dogs have a sense of humor about these things….

  12. Weird. Don’t people have anything else to spend money on? If not give some to a shelter. BJ would much rather a shelter have money to feed the pets. Ha came from one so he can appreciate that.

  13. Well, I see no reason to ruin a perfectly cute dog with paint!

  14. The Neuticles have always cracked me up. I don’t think that a male dog really cares if his manly parts are there or not..

  15. I depends what you will use it for. Could be fun on an event, or something that needs to get a message across. In any other situation it is more a bill-board saying “my pet is an accessory…”