Wacky Pet Products: Dog Walking Coat?

Golden Retriever on the beach

Those clouds look awfully dark. Better get me a dog walking jacket. You don’t want me to get wet, do you?

Unlike neuticles, pet paint, and turd burglars, the K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket sounds great from the very beginning.

Well, why should I tell you about it? Watch the video:

Pretty awesome, huh?

So why is this coat featured in a Wacky Pet Products post?

The price. This coat costs $270. Or $290 if you prefer it in blue.

From the first time I saw this coat in the advertising section of The Bark magazine, I loved it. But cool as it is, I can’t justify buying a single item of clothing that costs the same as three years worth of clothing for my entire household. And it doesn’t even save your life. Or do the dishes.

Heck, for nearly $300 it should walk the dog for you!

So, what do you think? Is it a wacky pet product? Or would you buy one? Or will you buy one once you sell your blog to Yahoo for a quarter of a million dollars?

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  1. The idea is great; it’s the price that’s wacky! My dogs are worth any amount of money that I need/care to spend on them BUT no jacket is worth that amount of money unless it’s made of solid, 24-karat, gold!

  2. No. It’s too expensive and if the weather is that bad, I want a coat.

  3. Of course I made that first comment without watching the video but I still say the jacket isn’t worth that kind of money. I only need a jacket between late October & early April down here, and sometimes not even then. If I want a “utility jacket”, I’ll buy a utility belt from Cesar Millan Inc and wear it with whichever jacket I pull out of my coat closet. And save myself about $250/$270!
    Love your blog posts, Pamela!!

  4. I can’t watch the vid because Cushion and Georgia are asleep but looking at the picture, I guess it must be quite versatile. It looks like any other storm coat/wind cheater to me. The good ones here are pricey too (in the hundreds). I bought a cheap one and have rued it every year since.

  5. It is a perfect jacket. I will give it that, but the price is beyond wacky! Donna from Donna and the dogs got a really nice dog walking coat with similar features on sale at Kohl’s. She practically stole it. :-)

    I find myself looking for ways to compact the stuff I need for my walks…poop bags, camera, cell phone, treat bags, keys. Then where do you put the poop when the dog does their business two minutes into your walk? I often think of ways or products that might help in my walk. This jacket would, but I would NEVER pay that price for it.

  6. like you, I LOVED it until I saw the price. No friggin way!

  7. I was all set to buy one when I first saw it advertised….until I reached the price. To date, I’ve never spent $290 on a single clothing item, and certainly would not on a non-leather clothing item (which would ostensibly last me for ten years or more). Definitely wacky! I can’t imagine why they think it ought to cost that much.

  8. I agree it should walk the dog for you.

  9. I’ll be the wacky here: I own a rain coat that cost about that much, and I have never regretted it. (The Mr. loves to give ridiculously expensive “practical” gifts.) But, my inner gear-head is appalled at the coat-technology of that thing. They say it is waterproof; they do not say it is breathable. This is what you really pay for in a rain coat–something that will keep the water away, but will also let your skin breathe. Otherwise, you might as well be in an old-fashioned slicker. My Patagonia rain coat is so light and breathable that I don’t *need* to take the sleeves off–I’ve worn it comfortably at 90 degrees.

    Bottom line: spend $300 on a coat if you want, but it should be a better coat. Like Sue says, you can get most of those special pockets on a cheap dog walking utility belt. (And, honestly, most of the better ski parkas out there already have everything on that list except the leash belt and the poop bag slot.)

  10. Like a lot of $$$ products, it will probably come down in price after the price is no object market is saturated.

  11. I remember seeing this coat last year and I immediately pulled out my credit card, only to be stalled by the gob-smacking cost. I would still totally buy one anyway, if I wasn’t so worried it would fall apart after a year. For a cost like that, there really should be a lifetime guarantee.

  12. Interesting idea, to market a multi-pocket, adaptable jacket to dog owners and add $100 or so to the price. There are terrific multi-use, multi-pocket garments available these days with all kinds of places to tuck your technology, that are mostly aimed at air travelers, so I can understand marketing to dog walkers.

    I have a storm jacket with a zip-out liner and lots of pockets from Lands End that cost just over $100 and has lasted me for about 15 years and counting. No, it doesn’t have a poop pocket, but can’t I put my plastic bag in a pocket? And I want to hold on to the leash for control, anyhow, and the one I have doesn’t have zip off sleeve, but in Arizona’s hot summer that still wouldn’t be cool enough for dog walking. (Okay, so they’re not marketing to desert people).

  13. Oh, that’s hilarious. Love the poo bag and treat pockets. However, for $300 it better be a high quality jacket and it’s hard to tell if it is. It IS something like three jackets in one, but like I said, it needs to be high quality… AND stylish and functional for that price.

  14. That’s really expensive. Don’t you have an outdoor store in your area where they sell some of the good outdoor brands? Also expensive, but not that much, and good quality that can endure what nature throws at the dog walker.

  15. BOL funny Pamela , for $300 it should walk the dog for you. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. It has pretty cool features! I might buy one if it came in pink, came with matching gloves and hat and was $100 cheaper. You should ask to review one on the blog!

  17. We actually saw these up at the dog show and expo we went to in Chicago and I was really impressed, until I saw the price tag. I can buy a coat from Columbia for half the price, less than that when they go on sale. No, it doesn’t have a dog walking belt, poop bag dispenser, extendable key fob or removable pocket liner, but I need to have money left over to buy treats, poop bags, leashes and pay my mortgage. And Bunny pointed out that it doesn’t come in pink. No deal!

  18. Yup. I looked at buying this back when I was a pet sitter. The ost was what did me in. The jacket was recommended by other pet sitters too. I just couldn’t hack the price. Maybe I’ll get it now that cost is less of an option. :)

  19. I’ve seen that coat before – and it comes in stylish black. Would I ever buy it? Absolutely. Once they knock about 200.00 off the price…

  20. Ok.. I got one on a slightly better sale than that price.. and I did cringe.. but I will say.. I have NOT ONCE regretted spending the money on it. I have a VERY large closet full of coats..and I had to think REAL hard before buying another one. I went back and tried it on 4 times.. lol A couple things sold me on it, vs some of the other coats I have. First off.. I live in WASHINGTON STATE.. so rain/outdoor gear is pretty much a religion here. We wear it about 9 months a year. We don’t get crazy cold, but we do spend a couple months in the high 20’s to mid 30’s, and it is all really wet. But here is why I did buy it
    1.. the fit was sooo nice. It didn’t feel like I was wearing a really heavy coat.. I could move, but it fit my body (including large chest) very nicely. Getting in and out of the car was comfortable and I didn’t feel like I had to strip down to drive between jobs..and I hate driving in jackets
    2.. The hood is AWESOME. It comes over the front of your head to so you aren’t getting dripped on, and comes over the front part of your neck chin, so the wind isn’t going down your front or around your neck. And since almost all our rain comes complete with wind.. this is important.
    3.. Ok.. the poop bag holder is awesome.. you don’t have to try to wiggle gloved hands in your pocket for a bag or lift up your jacket to get one off your belt loop..and I use a lot of leashes so it just isn’t practical for me to try to remember to snap a holder on the current leash.
    4.. The waterproofing on this coat is amazing. It is my only coat I haven’t had to re-waterproof after half a season. Even after washing.. stupid kitty peed on it.. it still beads water like nobodies business. And it breathes just fine.. never gotten steamy in the coat.

    I manage a pet store,. in addition to being a dog walker/pet sitter, so I have access to all sorts of bells and whistles.. and I still love my coat. I own Northface, London Fog, REI.. etc etc etc.. and this is still my go to coat when it is really crappy and I am going to be out in the rain walkin all the kids :) Heck.. it was cheaper than my London Fog trench, and it is more versatile.. lol