Wacky Dog Products – Crazy Genius or Just Plain Crazy?

Mixed breed dog in Doggy Ride bicycle cart

Shadow tolerated the Doggy Ride cart but it wasn't her favorite activity.

How do you decide to buy a dog product?

Lately I’ve been thinking about dog product reviews. What do you need to know about a product to decide if it’s worth spending money on? A $20 elk antler is way too much to spend if your dog has no interest in it.

Let’s not even talk about a $400 bicycle cart for your dog (which I’m pleased to say that even if the dogs aren’t fond of it, is great for taking lawn chairs to the beach and doing grocery shopping.)

And then there’s my husband who, every time he sees some expensive, new dog product, says “I gotta find some way to make money off crazy dog people.”

So I went looking for wacky dog products and came up with an embarrassment of riches. I think I’ll have to revisit this topic a few times.

For today, I wanted to show you one item I discovered and ask you if it’s crazy genius or just plain crazy?

Crazy genius? The Pet Peek™

Pet Peek pet window

A room with a view.

The item is called the Pet Peek™ and gives your dog a view of the world through his wooden privacy fence.

After looking at cell phone dog stuffies, poop flingers, and fake dog testicles (nope, no links, I want to introduce these items to you personally), I giggled when I saw this product.

But then I thought about it again. And I read more. Now I’m definitely leaning more toward crazy genius.

Fence frustration

We’ve probably all had the horrible experience of walking our dogs by a tall privacy fence containing the Attila the Hun of dogs. They guard and try to expand their territory by rushing back and forth all the time barking and growling, often startling you and your dog.

Keeping your own dog under control can be tough.

I wonder if having a way to look out would calm the frustration for some dogs?

We’ve learned how important it can be to a dog to have a view of her territory. In our neighborhood, there’s a lab mix with an open fence facing the street. If we approach from the west, her view of us is blocked by the house until we’re right in front of her. She’ll rush the fence barking and snarling and has even tried to bite Honey when we got too close.

If we approach from the east, the lab can see us from half a block away. She stands placidly at the fence as we walk by–she doesn’t greet us exuberantly but she doesn’t threaten us either.

We see a similar force at work in our local shelter. The glass apartments allow dogs to see (and sniff; there’s sniffer holes) each other. As a result, the atmosphere is much quieter than in a conventional shelter where the kenneled dogs can hear each other but can’t see.

Evaluating – crazy or genius

I read about the Pet Peek™ and the more I read the more interested I became. And the inventor, Carolin Best, is an animal advocate and former Human Officer. She invented the product for her two terriers and decided to market it after returning to her old house after 23 years and finding her original dome still in good working order. You can read all about the product here.

So what’s your vote for this product? Crazy Genius or Just Plain Crazy? Share in the comments. Have you ever done something to give your dog a view from the yard? Would you buy a Pet Peek™ for your dog?

More thanks…

If you read my post A Tale of Two Shelters, you know Honey and I are participating in the March for the Animals to raise support for the Tompkins County SPCA. Our local shelter is a the first no-kill, open admission shelter in the country and has had an impact on animal welfare throughout the world. That’s why we’ve gotten support from friends all over the world and throughout the country.

I’m pleased to thank three local donors for their support:

  • Darla
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Thank you so much!

I’m planning a giveaway from my still not empty bag o’swag. I’ll announce the details next week. But everyone who donates to the March will be entered.

I’ve exceeded my goal because I was too chicken to make it for $500 which was my first instinct. Can you encourage me to have higher expectations while helping homeless animals by donating? Visit my fundraising page to donate securely online. Any size gift is welcome and appreciated.

[I reviewed this product after finding it randomly at StumbleUpon. I have not seen or tested the product myself. I have received no consideration from the company selling it.]

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  1. I dunno about some of that stuff but I can tell you that spending $20 for an elk anter is well-spent for a dog that chews. DeDe and I both love ’em and they last a LONG time!

  2. Hmmmm…. I don’t know if this would help or not. It probably depends on the dog. Shiva went nuts back when we had a screen door she could see out of. Every time a person or a dog passed by she had to run over and bark at them. Not seeing them pass is actually better for her. Of course, this is when she is inside the house. Outside is a very different thing. Maybe it would help in that scenario?

    I still think even with this crazy product the dog’s owner will have to do the bulk of the work to counter-condition the dog’s response. Sometimes even without a fence or a chain, dogs just freak out when other dogs walk by. This week Shiva was almost attacked by a dog (border collie, not a pit bull) that was loose in front of her home. No fence, no chain, nothing to cause frustration. She just decided she didn’t want Shiva to walk by her house and her owner hasn’t socialised her otherwise.

    I look forward to reading about what else you dig up!

    • Great points, Kristine. I was planning to write something about deciding if this would be a help or a hindrance to a dog but somehow it didn’t make it into the post. Glad you brought it up.

      Sorry to hear about Shiva’s experience with the local dog. That’s the risk we always take when other dog people don’t take their responsibilities serious enough. I hope Shiva didn’t have an backsliding in the work you’ve done with her thanks to this incident.

    • Kolchak would probably like this a bunch, but Felix?? He looses his fluffy little head if he can see what is going on. My dream is to get a fully functioning wood privacy fence to completely secluded the demented little weirdo in his yard. He has been counter conditioned until the COWS come home…he still flips out. The problem? He isn’t trying to scare you AWAY from his yard, he is begging you to come over and play. The counter conditoning actually *made it worse* as we trained him to expect good things from passersby. *whoops*

      We are a bona-fide crazy dog product house. Not so much me, but the Daddy and the Nana love this stuff. I balked when they brought home the Doggy watercooler, but it’s actually kind of awesome. I don’t think I’ll be buying Kol a spare set os testicles anytime soon, though. He already plays with his balls. We don’t need anymore ;0)

  3. I think Kristine is right, it would depend on the dog. If you have a dog comforted by seeing the dog and knowing there is no threat, but if you have a dog that feels threatened by approaching dogs, the bubble would only make the matter worse.

    I tend to agree with your hubby, I need to find a product to market to us crazy dog people!

    • Yep, any tool is all about knowing your dog. Very good point, Jodi.

      I have a pretty big pile (pile is right) of crazy things to market to dogs. Once you stop laughing, you might think of something yourself.

  4. I have to agree… the Pet Peek does appear to be a stroke of genius. However, I’m pretty sure Bella would just keep her face in it all the time so she could growl and bark at everything in sight.

  5. My Beau would have loved this! He used to sit in the front yard just calming watching the world stroll by. My Bella? Probably not so much. We’re working with her to reduce her territorial (di)stress, but windows have been our biggest challenge.

  6. Hmm . . we walk by a couple of houses with chain link fence and Cali and the other dogs wait until they can see each other and then bark (I always pretend that they are just saying hello!) There are some beagles down the street that go absolutely ballistic when they see a dog . . humans they are fine with, dogs, not so much. They stand up on their deck which overlooks the fence (they live across the street from the middle school so they get plenty to look at!). It seems like this Pet Peek would just be a window to more barking on my street . .but what do I know? It looks cool!!

  7. Interesting topic since I just purchased one of those crazy dog items today. I’m not going to tell you exactly what it is yet, but I will say it came recommended by my brother who has a squirrel-crazy, obsessive, I’m-gonna-get-that-squirrel-if-it’s-the-last-thing-I-do, kind of dog. He is in a whole other world when he sees one. My brother was actually getting a shock collar (I know. I am completely opposed too.) that only he could zap when Dozer got really bad, but then his wife found this gadget. All I can say is it works. Since my foster came to stay, she and Jasper have become fence rushers with the dogs in back of us. Jasper never did this before. In seconds, I had both their attention. We’ll see how it goes, but it just may do the trick. So, I’m all for gadgets if they work and don’t harm the dog.

    As far as the whole Pet Peek, I find it very intriguing. I don’t think I would ever get one, but I think it’s kind of funny and ingenious. Did you notice it’s kind of hard to bark when you’re whole head is in there? :)

    BTW – Thanks for the goodies! The box just showed up on my step today. We’re still going through it. :)

  8. I think our Greyhounds would love a portal into the world, but Morgan would get even nuttier than she is! She would have a permanent sore nose from hitting that thing, I just know it! I think for many dogs, it would be a good idea, though!

    Neuticles! Bwaaaa ha ha! Oh, please, please, please write about them! We had one heck of a grand discussion about them on a Greyhound forum I belong to several years ago! The words “his knacker sack looks like a fuzzy potato chip” will be forever emblazoned upon my brain.

  9. I have no idea. All of our dogs have open views. I really have no idea what to think about that peep hole. I’ve got a feeling it would be based on your dog. Do they calm down more when they can see or not?

    Brut would be my biggest concern. He’s better if he can’t see. And I think I would worry if they could somehow pop it out!

  10. I’d consider this to be a crazy genius invention, but as a lot of other commentators said, you have to know your dog. And I’m really not too sure if it would be good for either Frankie or Beryl. But I can see how it would be a blessing for some dogs. Can’t wait to read about your other finds!

  11. Um… okay.

    Looks like a NASA-inspired product.

    I think a lot of dogs, like Shiva, would be more reactive rather than less. And I’m trying to imagine the reaction of some little old lady trundling by with a bundle-buggy of groceries as a FACE appears in this bubble, checking her out!

  12. Um, I want one just so I can take pictures of faces in it (including my own). :) (hehhehehhheheh) Talk about a mood lightener! (Seriously, though, I guess it might help some dogs.)