Visit a Doggy Happy Place

Golden Retriever

I’m a lucky, lucky dog.

The internet is a sad place lately. Many are grieving the senseless death of Lennox.

I’ve been silent. I have no words.

But Lennox’s horrible story turns my mind in circles: to thoughts of life and death, who makes decisions about such things, and our responsibilities for the lives of other animals, both human and otherwise.

I need a mental break. Do you?

This moment of Doggy Happy Place comes to you courtesy of Camp-Run-A-Mutt and their remote control camera car.

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  1. Aww, lovely 😀 My dogs attack our remote control car – don’t think a camera would last long!!

  2. Poor Lennox. Tragic what happened. I only read about it today.

    I wish a cam car like that. Have a good weekend, Pamela x

  3. I am not sad. I am mad. Two years and the citizens of Belfast could not make a change in the make up of that council? I don’t think people cared enough. I think too many are too busy helping to put more needless regulations on pet owners, pet breeders, pet sellers to make them adhere to their idea of what is acceptable. BSL is just another component of that. Regulation is great as long as you are not the one who is regulated.

  4. Absolutely wonderful video. I really did need that today.

    So sad and angry about Lennox. :(

  5. Lennox’s story is so sad and heartbreaking. I’ve been silent about it to, many others are expressing their feelings way better than I could.
    A mental break is a great idea, thank you I think I will take one:)

  6. Camp Run-A-Mutt: Disneyland for dog lovers. :-) Thanks for the pick me up. Between this video and the one at No Dog About It, I feel a little more relaxed now.

  7. Thank you for the brief reprieve from the sadness and anger. Woof!
    Bella and DiDi

  8. Thank you for this video. Thank you thank you! It brought a much needed smile to my face. I love that place! And the dog who licked the camera lens. And the dog with one ear up and one ear down. And the cool drool pool! I wonder, how do they keep the grass so green?

  9. My thoughts exactly. It is so overwhelming, we need to charge the battery with some happy dog news to weapon ourselves against all of this.

  10. It is nice to take a break from the sadness, and now like 2 Brown Dogs we need to get angry. We need to demand change and stop this needless legislation, there are too many other issues our government needs to focus on right now, persecuting dogs just because they look a certain way is not productive and will not reduce the percentage of dog bites. Studies have proven this.

    Thank you for the break Pamela, it was nice to see something happy.

  11. What a wonderful break. Nice find Pamela. Made my day! Kristine-glad you enjoyed the Lab video too!

  12. Awww, happy dogs playing on a sunny day :) Thanks for the mental break. It’s cute to see how different each of the dogs react to the remote control camera car!

  13. I had written two posts about Lennox and just couldn’t write one more. The story is everything evil about the world of dogs today, including allowing Pit Bulls to reproduce without responsibility which gives all dogs resembling them a bad reputation.

  14. I love this video! I wonder if hubby still has his RC car… That would be funny as all get out to try with Kuster!

  15. That was great, thanks tons!!

  16. Between the story of Lennox and the story of Hope, I’m very sad. At least Hope has gotten help and is recovering and will find a home.

  17. Oh, how awful. I must be in the dark lately, as I actually had not heard about this until I just went to the link and read the article. I can’t imagine what it was like for that poor family. :-(

    Thank you for sharing the cute video pick me up at the end.

  18. Both stories (Lennox and Hope) are so sad and madenning. I feel so heart broken for Lennox’s family. What hell. As for Hope, I can’t imagine the sick sort of person that would do such a thing.

    Yes, a mental break is much needed! Cute happy pups — always a welcome sight.