Versatile Blogger – Pass It On

Versatile Blogger AwardHoney here, accepting the Versatile Dogger award. Sue, who lives with a greathound and a pig dog, thinks me, Honey, is versatile.

What’s versatile?

What? It’s a blogger award? Oh. I’ll just go chew a stick now.

Sorry about that. Honey borrowed the laptop when I wasn’t looking. But I must say, she’s quite a good typist.

Anyway, as Honey almost got right, we’ve been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award from our friends over at Greyhounds CAN Sit! And, while we were sniffing around our regular reads to pass the award along, we discovered that Kolchak Puggle of Kol’s Notes had also given us the same award. Thank you both so much.

The point of such awards is to pass along the link love which I’ll do in a minute, when I give the award to 15 (whew!) other versatile bloggers.

But first, I’m supposed to tell you 7 things you don’t know about me. Are there 7 things you don’t know about me?

  • I love to read. I read about 150 books a year with a regular work schedule but can read 2-3 books in a day at the beach.
  • My guilty pleasure is watching So You Think You Can Dance on the computer. I don’t understand the appeal of that other dance show where people watch “celebrities” who can’t dance very well. But this YouTube video shows why I look forward to SYTYCD now that it’s streaming on Hulu.
  • I’m good at trivia (one of the benefits of knowing a little about everything but a lot about nothing). I once won a scholarship by competing on the world’s longest-running, televised quiz show.
  • My family has a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage which is why most Thanksgivings we ate stuffed pig stomach instead of turkey.
  • The blogger whose life I envy the most is Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly. Read about her adventures at TakePaws.
  • I always pay my bills and manage my finances while Blazing Saddles is playing on a corner of my computer monitor. Maybe that explains why I’m not rich? Nah.
  • I briefly had my own business teaching personal journaling workshops. I called it Spiral House and my symbol was a snail.

Ok, enough about me. Time to pass the love along.

Golden Retriever dozing with a bone

Whew, that took a long time. I'm getting sleepy.

This is very hard for me. I love so many blogs. But I tend to over think everything. I look to see if someone has received the award already. I wonder if they would find the award nonsense or be too busy to follow the “rule” to pass it on. And, of course, I’d really like to write nice things about all of these great blogs and tell you why I love them. But time is a ticking and it’s just 12 hours to my bedtime. Time to just give it up and share my list of versatile bloggers (in no particular order):


All of you post interesting things that keep me coming back for more. If you want to pay it forward, you should list 7 things about yourself we may not know about you and nominate 15 other bloggers so we can see what you’re reading.

 Okay, my duties are done. It’s time to get to the beach.
This is a blog hop. Hop on…


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  1. There are definitely things on the list that I didn’t know about you! Pig stomach? Really? You’ve also got some blogs on the list that are new to me! Thanks for sharing them!

    • Pig stomach needs a publicist. It’s actually quite yummy.

      You stuff it with smoked sausage, fresh pork, potatoes, carrot, onion, and celery and bake it in the oven. It’s very savory. Yum!

  2. Congratulations with your award and thank you so much for passing it on.

    And on the Pennsylvania Dutch, I am Dutch but thankfully not related and prefer turkey over stuffed pig stomach anytime !

    • As you may know, Pennsylvania Dutch is a mispronunciation of “deutsch” from German. We Americans just can resist butchering other peoples’ languages.

      As for the pig stomach, see my reply to Houndstooth above. It just sounds disgusting.

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the award! I’ll be sure to do my part very soon :)

  4. Dropping by on the blog hop today.That’s what the world needs today – another talking cat – but it’s cute! Stop by my blog to see a cat say “Let me in” at his owner’s window.

  5. BOL! I’m so glad you discovered your award! the Mama literally nodded off that the computer last night and we had to wander around and tell people today! The Mama says SYTYCD is not a guilty pleasure, it’s a total necessity!

  6. Congratulations on your award and thank you!


  7. You read 150 books a year, have 2 blogs, work full time, have a husband and a dog and you find time to sleep when? Holy cow! Amazing. Inspiring. Interesting. Witty. Those are all words I would use to describe you! Now I am adding Super Woman. I think this is why I so enjoy reading your posts here and on FB. I don’t deserve the Versatile Award, but you do. I am honored you would even add me to your list. Wow.

    I stopped by on the Blogger Hop, but I stop here often. I just don’t always have time to comment. I really love how you write and think Pamela.

    Thanks again for the award!

    • Wow, all those flattering compliments. Of course, you do realize my house is hidden in dog hair and my bathroom is starting to look like a science experiment, right? I’m sure Super Woman cleans her shower more often than I do.

      Love your blog. You are indeed versatile.

  8. Thanks for the shout out!!! We love SYTYCD too!!! :)

  9. I enjoyed reading all the new info about you. Sounds like you are a huge reading fan : )
    Congrats on your award!

  10. Congratulations! I figured you must be an avid reader, seemed like every time I was reading your post you were reading a new book! Stuffed pig?? Oh my!! lol Maybe that was too much info. lol I too love SYTYCD!!! Last year with Lauren was just the best!! She was fantastic!! I used to watch it in between dog walks, but I always tried to catch her. She was worth making the dogs wait. lol

    Thank you for the award. :)

  11. I love reading & SYTYCD… our blogger friendship was meant to be! :)

    Congrats on the award and thank you so much for sharing it with me!

  12. Just for kicks, I actually looked into trying out for SYTYCD Canada when they were holding auditions in Halifax. I didn’t expect to get on or anything, but I thought the experience would be fun. Naturally, I chickened out.

    I am very jealous of your quiz show win. That is insanely exciting!

    Congratulations on your award. I hope you had a great time at the beach!

  13. Wow!! Thank you so much for the nomination. We’re incredibly flattered!

    And I’m incredibly impressed by your reading prowess. I love reading, and I never feel like there’s enough time in the day for all the books I want to read. I’d love to know what you suggest for the summer reading list! :)

  14. Congratulations, Pamela – and thanks for the kind words. I swear, this is the best “job” I’ve ever had! 😀

  15. Thanks for this very flattering award, Pamela! I don’t know if we’re very versatile, but still- it’s nice to be recognized. I will cheat and tell you a few strange things about me right here:
    1. I was born in Poland and even though we moved to the US when I was four and I have no trace of accent, I still like to use “I’m not from here!” as an excuse when I mispronounce an English word or don’t know an idiom, old song, or tv show.
    2. My husband calls me a “seasonal fruit” because I’m so much happier when it’s warm and summery than in the wintertime.
    3. I am recently infatuated with a book called “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” and think you should read it. It’s very clever and well-written in a way that I think you would really appreciate.

  16. Congratulations to you and all these great blogs!

    That’s an awful lot of reading. No wonder you’re so well-versed and full of trivial information. :) I love trivia, too, but I wouldn’t want to be your opponent…unless the category was cats.

    Also, don’t look now, but I gave you another award. It’s on my blog from June 20.