Unique Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers at Hanukkah

Dogs light up our lives. If you’re celebrating the Festival of Lights, wouldn’t you want to include your dog?

Here are some fun suggestions for Hanukkah gifts for dogs and the people who love them. Best of all, some of them won’t cost you a dime. Look for an (F) behind a gift idea that is free or frugal.

Honey the golden retriever is a beauty.

I may be a shiksa but I’m happy to eat sweet potato latkes with you. Happy Hanukkah!


Unique Hanukkah Gifts for Dog Lovers

Copa Judaica Chewish Treat Hannukkah Gelt Squeaker Plush Dog Toy – Why should your dog feel left out when everyone else is noshing on chocolate gelt? (affiliate)

Hanukkah-Themed Sweater Pattern – Knit your dog this beautiful sweater. If you’re as slow as me, it should be ready for Hanukkah 2014.

Sandy Paws Plaster Cast Kit – Make a clever ornament from your dog’s paw to hang on your rearview mirror.

Tail Bangers Hanukkah Treat Gift Box – Your dog won’t care that his treats are shaped like dreidels or menorahs. But you’ll find it fun. (affiliate)

Homemade Rope Chew Toy – A sturdy toy that’s good for your dog’s teeth. Click through to get step-by-step instructions for making your own. (F)

Dachshund Menorah – I liked this rather elegant candelabra. Why else would we have such unique looking dogs if not to inspire the best work of artists?

Harry Barker Toy Gift Bucket – Plenty to keep your dog busy for the entire holiday season. (affiliate)

Homemade Fleece Dog Toys – Any fleece scraps can become soft, no-sew dog toys. Click through to learn how to make several in just a few minutes.(F)

Plush Hanukkah Dreidel Dog Toy – Made to last by Kyjen. (affiliate)

Happy Hanukkah Dog Rubber Stamp – Make your own gift tags with this cute stamp. (affiliate)

Hanukkah Gift Basket – Includes treats for dogs and humans. Or choose from any of the customized options.

Bone Appetit Cork Trivets – Protect your table from hot food with this cute but sustainable trivet made in Canada.

Homemade Fleece Dog Bed – Easy to make, even if you can’t sew. (F)

Dog Enrichment Box – Your dog will love opening this gift without any help from you. (F)

Lassie Latkes – A dog-friendly recipe made with sweet potatoes and no onions. (F)

And because we love the kitties too, check out Mouthbreath’s Holiday Gift Guide for Cats and Cat Lovers.

What’s Wagging Next

Check out my holiday gift guide for dog lovers on Cyber-Monday (December 2, 2013). I’ll have dozens of unique gift ideas for dogs and the people who love them with an emphasis on things you can make for free or cheap, items by fair trade artisans, and gifts made in the U.S. and Canada.

And, because the best gifts of all don’t involve buying stuff, we’ll be hosting the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange once again. This is a chance for people who share their love of animals through blogging and social media a chance to encourage each other and make new friends.

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Your Turn: Do you buy holiday, birthday, and gotcha day gifts for your pets? More importantly, do they give gifts to you?

Disclaimers: Any gift followed by (affiliate) is a link to Amazon. If you buy anything through this link, I will earn a few cents to support the costs of publishing Something Wagging. Your purchase will not cost you more, however. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Love, love, love these, especially the doxie menorah and the hanukkah gelt plush toy. I have one of those plush dreidls — by a different manufacturer — but it had a very scary version of the dreidl song in it it (even aside from being too large for Frankie). Just so your readers know…

  2. I’m not usually a party pooper, but isn’t the “enrichment box” just teaching the dog that he can get what he wants by demolishing whatever is keeping him from it? I think I’ll be skipping that one. But lots of the other homemade ideas are really cute and fun!

    • Each of us has to decide what’s a good idea for our dogs and what isn’t. So if the enrichment box is a bad idea in your household, you should definitely stay away from it.

      In my experience, a dog that’s inclined to tear into boxes does it without being taught. I’ve used things similar to the enrichment box with my Honey and she has never carried it over to any other unauthorized destruction.

      Maybe it’s just that dogs don’t generalize. Or she just has very good manners. :)

  3. We aren’t Jewish, so we never thought about Hanukkah toys for dogs but a year or two ago we did notice they were starting to make some and they look pretty fun!

    • Isn’t it funny to see how inclusive society can get when someone figures out how to make more money by doing it? :)

      In truth, I just love gift giving holidays. But you’ll notice I included quite a few that don’t cost a thing. No reason to make everything about money.

      Hope you’ll join the fun when I start the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. The gift of compliments and encouragement are the best one of all. :)

  4. I might have to steal some of those ideas for my little competition…. *snicker*

  5. Some great ideas there!

  6. Love the Chanukah items that you shared, THANK YOU! Oh and I am a gal that LOVES “Chanukah” spelled with a “C”….it’s just my penchant for “C” things such as, well “Caren” and “Cats” lol………but it’s ALL good!

    • Do Cody and Dacotah like “c’s” as much as you do? Cookies? Cat nip?

      I guess they do. :)

      • Yes…DAKOTA does like cookies but he will pass on catnip :) We are Jewish…….we spell Chanukah any way we please :)
        Have a great week, off to NY and am unplugging, except for the iphone, while I am at Better With Pets.

  7. I’ve had the home made fleece dog bed pinned for months but never thought to look for a video on how to make them. I need to make 3 of them about 4 times the size of that one though! One day ….

    Some awesome ideas there.

    Yes, I buy birthday and Gotcha Day presents for my dogs and they give me a birthday and Christmas present, thank goodness or I wouldn’t get any, lol :)

    • We made a large, fleece blanket as a gift last year using the same technique of tying the strips together. My husband cut the strips by marking the fabric evenly with pins and dividing each section into 5 cuts. I tied all the knots and it went very quickly.

      The hard part? Keeping the dog off it while you’re working. :)

      As for the pups giving you gifts, I bet they always know exactly what you want. :)

  8. Some of those I love and some are just a little out there for me!!

  9. That dachshund menorah might just be my favorite Hanukkah gift idea EVER. Great find!! Can’t wait to see your Cyber Monday gift guide! And I’m definitely participating in your blogger exchange again… I met some really great people who I’m still in touch with after last year’s!

  10. That menorah is beyond adorable.

  11. ha, ha. I bet my readers would love the Dachshund Menorah :)