Twin Pups From Different Mothers

Honey the Golden Retriever wants a friend

If you come play with me, I’ll give you this cool water fountain. Please?

I was worried.

Honey was sleeping awfully late. I’d have expected her to beg for her breakfast or a walk. But she kept napping.

And then I realized. She wasn’t sick. Honey was just like me.

My Dog is an Extrovert

The classic definition of an extrovert is someone affected more by external realities than inner feelings. I guess that works. But it’s pretty abstract.

The definition I prefer is that extroverts get their energy from being around others. Introverts recover their energy by being alone.

Honey definitely gets her energy from others.

She might look like the saddest dog in the world. But if someone comes to the door, she’s suddenly dancing with joy.

I can practically drag her out the door for a walk. But if we pass a friendly dog and his person, she’s all fuzzy love and a tail.

In the winter, many people stay indoors and fewer walk their dogs. Sometimes we can go days without seeing someone else on a walk, despite living in town.

No wonder Honey looks low.

I am an Extrovert

The longer I work alone, the harder it is for me to leave the house.

Once I force myself to go out to see other people, it’s like turning on a switch. I’m all smiles and energy.

I don’t have any control over it. Something flips in my mind and I’m suddenly everyone’s best friend.

It doesn’t mean I’m never shy. Or that I’m always socially smart. But my energy increases just by being around others.

It’s why, even though I hate shopping, I’ll go to the mall when my husband goes to church. It’s easier to write in a noisy shopping mall than it is in the quiet of home.

Keeping Extroverts Happy

The weather will only get colder. More of my neighbors will send their dogs into the yard to relieve themselves than will take them on walks.

We need to make a change.

I’m going to time our morning walks with the kids walking to school. Our evening walks will happen when everyone is walking home from work.

It should help.

Because as different as we look on the outside, Honey and I are very much the same. Like twin pups from different mothers.

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  1. Good morning! Though I am an introvert, I, too, enjoy being out among others; not necessarily interacting but with them. Guess it’s one reason I almost daily go to my favorite bakery/coffee shop – to meet regulars like me and to hear conversation and life flowing around me. Twin pups – your title certainly got my attn! Have a GREAT day walking Honey.

    • I recently read an article that said working around noises like those in a restaurant or bookstore can help people be more creative.

      Glad you liked the title. :)

      • Maybe there’s something to that bit about being in a “noisy” area helps people be more creative…I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it. My “creative juices” usually flow when I’m NOWHERE NEAR my computer, iPod, KindleFire, or even a pen/pencil & piece of paper…and stop up before I can doing anything about it. :-) I, too, like the title of this post (it intrigued me) so of course I had to read it. I’m like you & Honey, and so are Callie & Shadow (also Golden Retrievers). It’s tough getting me out of the comfort of my recliner, but once you do, I come “alive” around people whether I’m interacting with them or not, but especially if I am. Great post, Pamela!

  2. It’s a shame people tend to take their dogs out less when it’s cold. My bipeds always enjoy it once they’re out walking, even if they moan when they’re getting ready to go out with me.
    I’m definitely an extrovert, but my bipeds need some quiet time to recharge their batteries.

  3. I like the way you think! I’m definitely more of an introvert, but I can see where your plan is really a sound one for you and Honey. :) Maybe you need to find a few dog friendly places the two of you can visit together, too, to help beat the winter blahs!

    • The mall has a dog grooming business near where I hang out. Every Sunday morning the owner walks in with her big dog (who goes running into the shop) while her little dog runs circles around the mall entrance barking at everyone.

      If I were a little nervier (and thought Honey could get away with riding the bus), I’d try taking her with me and see if anyone said anything.

      Unfortunately, many of the outdoor places aren’t terribly dog-friendly around here, much less the warm and snuggy ones. :(

  4. I am defo and extrovert and so I suppose is the peeps. We go out in all weathers and it is always fun. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Sounds like you’re a well matched family. Don’t know how you find time to get outdoors, though, with those extravagant photo shoots happening at your place. :)

  5. I think I’m both..LOL. I like to be alone, well the hubs doesn’t count, I like being around him. But then If I get around people or a bunch of friends, I have a fun time.

  6. Heh, too funny. Those are the exact times I avoid going on walks. If I have a day off and I sleep in then I will take her for a walk later once the kids are tucked safely inside the school.

    I do think my dog is an extrovert, however, but only when it comes to other dogs. Her energy definitely gets a burst (as if she needs it) after a romp at the dog park or even after a brief meeting on the street. She might be an extrovert with people as well but her fears often get in the way.

  7. I can’t figure out whether I’m an “innie” or an “outie”–sometimes I derive energy from being alone, sometimes from being with others. I am very lucky in that I have dog walk options that suit either mood. My dogs seem to like best the quiet park walks where we see more squirrels than people and dogs, and that is usually fine with me!

    • Interesting that you’re more in the middle. Most people are pretty certain of being an “innie” or “outie.” (cute, BTW).

      My previous dogs all preferred quiet walks where they weren’t challenged by strangers. It’s nice being temperamentally well matched to Honey.

  8. You could be describing me & Gizmo here…And I do work alone from home so i experience that same tendency to just stay put…I have been actively pushing myself to get out more and walking Gizmo along a busy trail does help me remember how to interact with my fellow humans

    • Inertia does seem to be the way humans are built. I need to get out the door to teach a class but it’s so warm at home. :)

      Once I get there, I’ll be happy to see other people.

      I bet Gizmo loves that you’re making a point of breaking up the work with walks.

  9. The nice thing about having two extroverted pets (like my Luna and Penny) it forces shy me to be more social.

  10. Hey Pamela, I, too, find that the more I work alone, the harder it is to get myself out the door. That’s one of the reasons I love having a dog…Y-Bo gets so bored if he doesn’t get out for a walk a couple of times as day that I have to! Take care.

  11. I’m definitely an introvert. It was hard having my last dog because she was such an extrovert. (Our previous pup was more introverted, like me.) She made me talk to the neighbors. Bleh! 😛
    The current pup is a bit of a mixed bag – shy with a lot of people, but definitely an extrovert at our usual off-leash beach.
    Maybe I should move to a colder climate so I can stay indoors and hibernate the winter away. :)

    • I forgot – wanted to also mention that the book we won arrived! Almost opened it in front of the hubs, but luckily he didn’t notice. I squirreled it away and will give it to him for a Christmas present. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. Thanks again!

      • Yeah, don’t wish cold weather on yourself. It’s not worth it. :)

        Glad to know you got the book. Hope your hubby enjoys the gift.

  12. Well, I’m a severe introvert, but Sammish loves people and looks forward to meeting anyone.


  13. I think Cali and I are both extroverts too! I’m certain that is one of the reason I love taking her to the dog park :) Lots of dogs and people!! I like your plan – we get so sad when we go to the dog park and there is no one there!!

  14. Good idea about timing the walks! I hope both you and Honey get the human fix you need!

  15. I am definitely an introvert. I have no problem working alone, but even I need to get out of the house every day. Free air, sunshine, and exercise – those are all benefits of walking your dog. Not to mention meeting new people (and other dogs)! One thing that always gets me out of my shell is meeting someone with a dog. I’ll always walk over, pet the dog and say “hi”!

  16. Kobi, my beagle, and I are definitely opposites. I am introverted and avoid people when we walk. He will go up to anybody we encounter (and whines to do so). You inspired my next blog post….because I am like your neighbors and stay inside more in the cold! But since we encounter way less people in the winter, that is the time I should want to be out there! So I’m working on that, because I actually do love it once I get out there, even in the cold. And of course Kobi does.

  17. My husband and I are both introverts except when we’re walking our dog, Dino. Dino is a very cute cockapoo people magnet. The other day, I met another woman in the park walking two cockapoos. We naturally started chatting and my husband and I ended up going out to dinner with her and her husband that evening. This never would have happened without Dino opening the door.


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