Tue Cute Tuesday – You Could Fly With Those Ears!

Golden Retriever Running

If I catch the wind just right, I just know I'll take off!

Honey has all four paws off the ground. I think it’s only a matter of time before she flies.

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  1. That really is too cute!


  2. Honey, stick with me! I can teach you to really fly!


  3. Honey the flying dog. You could go on the road with such an act. :-)

  4. Oh, how lovely. Yesterday evening, as we tried to avoid fireworks on behalf of those four leggeds who do not appreciate them, I watched “Secretariat.” There was another animal who could fly. Of course, I then looked up the original on YouTube. OMG. I remember 1973.
    Utterly lovely photo. You caught her at just the right time!

  5. lucky you’re not in the south of our state then, Honey. with the gale force winds we’re having at the moment, you’d be doing a Toto!

  6. Honey doing an impression of Dumbo…I love it! She looks so free and happy :)

  7. Awwww, Honey is adorable! I’d fly with her anywhere :)

  8. You look like you already are, Honey! Reach for the stars and don’t look back!!

  9. That’s what I call happy ears!! Have fun!!

  10. I love the smile:) Isn’t it great when you get one of those wonderful photos, and it’s in focus!!

  11. Sweet sweetness! Love this photo. : )