Tue Cute Tuesday – Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Golden Retriever in the Snow

Snow is always more fun when you run in it. Don't you agree?

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  1. Mom is going to have to take your word for it – she has never lived in the snow! You sure do look like you are having fun, though!


  2. I completely agree. The faster you run, the less chance there is of your feet getting cold!

  3. I certainly agree! I love running in the snow, and so do the pupwiches!

  4. Everybody here feels the same way, although Blueberry and Lilac aren’t allowed to run in it at the moment!

  5. It is the only way to deal with snow…RUN through it!!

  6. “Mommy, what is snow?”
    “I don’t know, Georgia. I think it’s something brrr cold. Ready to go to the beach now, lovey?”