Tue Cute Tuesday – The Honey Workout Plan

Bench Pressing a Golden Retriever

Yeah, it's weird. But he seems to like it so much I just can't deny him.

For some reason, my husband loves to pick Honey up and carry her around. Is it really more macho if your dog weighs 50 pounds instead of 5? Anyway, every morning, he carries her into the office where I’m writing on the computer. And I’ve caught him doing it other times too.

I think it started because our contract with Honey’s breeder specified that we should not allow her to jump until she was about 18 months old and her bones and joints were fully formed. We started picking her up off the bed to protect her joints from the 3 foot drop.

Somewhere along the way, hubby decided he just liked it. And Honey, sweet girl that she is, tolerates it just fine. I’d have to call her expression one of resignation.

Bench Pressing The Golden RetrieverHoney will be 18 months at the end of July so there will be no more excuse for carrying her off the bed. I guess Mike will need to find a new weight lifting regimen.

Is this unique behavior? Are other men taking on this strange activity? Is there competitive dog lifting somewhere? Do tell.

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  1. My spouse does curls with a corgi in each hand (NO!). 😮 Ha ha. He does, however, like to show-off his hand strength by picking each of them up with one arm and carrying them around tucked up like baguettes.

    Honey looks a bit humiliated from my vantage point. :)

    • I’d love to see corgi curls–maybe with the help of Photoshop? Of course, I’d settle for a corgi baguette–any photographic evidence?

  2. She has the patience of an angel. Our shelties would never tolerate it. He would end up with a solid paw to the face.

    My brother used to bench press their nephews, though.

  3. My boyfriend loves to pick up our dog – a 60 ish lb golden retriever mix.

    When she was wee, he called them “airplane rides”. Now that she’s a year and a half old, and much bigger, she’s much more reluctant to be picked up and carried places. He seems ever so disappointed whenever I tell him that she’s too big now!

    Strange creatures, men.

  4. Amy@GoPetFriendly says:

    I have to admit that I sometimes pick Ty up and carry him around. It’s kind of a silly way of snuggling with him. Of course, he only weighs 35 pounds. I don’t think I could manage it if he weighed any more than that.

  5. Mike Webster says:

    First of all, @Pam, yes, yes, it *is* more macho if your dog weighs 50 pounds instead of 5. It’s ten times as macho. I’ve done the math. Second, @all-you-other-ladies-out-there, please be advised that “macho” is not a quality anyone who has met me would mistake me for having. “Pathetically but sometimes amusingly engaged in desperate bids for the spotlight” is a little closer, I think, to the mark. Third, @Elizabeth, Honey *loves* it! I can tell from the downcast eyes and the drooping tail that humiliation is simply not on the table. I know this from being in love with Honey’s amateur dog trainer while keeping a respectful distance from the details of the, you know, actual training. Finally, @Ashley–and again @Pam–specifically, @”Strange creatures, men”–ohhhh, yeeaaaahhh. And if we seem this way from the outside, just be thankful we have no hood you can look under. :)

  6. How funny! I’m surprised Honey doesn’t mind – but she probably thinks it is what all pups do!


  7. i do hope that scary perpetrator of this outrage isn’t reading anymore comments :p

    but my, he is awfully strong. i don’t think it’s so easy to lift a dog as he’s doing in that first pic. is it? 50 pounds, is that like…23kgs? if Honey doesn’t mind, it should be okay. after all, it saves on gym membership.

    as an aside, i can’t even lift Georgia more than a few inches off the ground. she’s 43 kgs. i am such a weakling.

  8. This completely gave me a fit of the giggles! Hubby has lifted our girls when he’s had to, but it’s not something he does voluntarily!

  9. This completely gave me a fit of the giggles! Hubby has lifted our girls when he’s had to, but it’s not something he does voluntarily!

  10. @Mike, Hahahaha! You really need to comment more often.

    I love the idea of canine weightlifting as a “sport”. Under the right circumstances, of course. But I just love watching weightlifting. It cracks me up every single time. If I am having a bad day, I will watch a stupidly huge man lift ten times his body weight and all of a sudden I feel better. I don’t know why but it is ridiculously amusing.

  11. Oh, how funny!