Tue Cute Tuesday – The Halloween Edition

Golden Retriever Puppy in front of Halloween Decor

A bloody chest with a disembodied hand on it? No problem!

Golden Retriever Puppy Looking at Scare Crow

It's this thing I'm not so sure about. Better keep an eye on it.

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  1. Good job Honey! You’d be a great puppy raiser! All you need to be is willing, we cross the “Giving up” bridge when we get to it, and not a moment before! :) Plus where else can you get an endless supply of puppies?

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Erin.

      I know my co-workers would be thrilled. They’re really upset that I don’t bring Honey to work with me every day now that she’s too big for her crate. A constant supply of guide dog puppies might put me back in their good graces!