Tue Cute Tuesday – Television Addict Dog

Golden Retriever watching TV

Shhh! I'm watching.

Not one of my previous dogs paid any attention to television–except perhaps to react with surprise to a stray bark. But Honey is different.

If I play the Ok Go video for White Knuckles (y’know, the one with the dogs doing tricks), Honey perks up at the initial beats and jumps on my lap to get a better look. She especially loves the bit where the dog leaps over the camera.

Honey’s favorite show? Dogtown.

Does your dog watch television? Does she enjoy it? Or does it agitate her?

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  1. Our Lab Sola is the most avid TV watcher we’ve ever had. She can recognize dogs of any size without sound, so she’ll come flying down the hall barking at dog commercials. :)

  2. Argh! I’m so irritated. For some reason the feed from your blog has not been showing up on my reader so it looked to me like you hadn’t had any new posts. For weeks. And now I actually check your site and behold! Many, many posts. This is bothering me greatly. /rant.

    Anyway, Shiva sometimes pays attention to the television, it depends how she is sitting and what appears on the screen. Way back when I was told dogs weren’t able to see the pictures on the screen but clearly this was completely untrue. If she happens to be looking in that direction and a bird appears, Shiva will run right up to the television to investigate. She also does this if she happens to see a dog eating something. It cracks me up.

    I love that Honey has a favourite show. That’s so cute.

  3. Ours are more likely to notice something we’re watching on the laptop than the TV, but I had a foster once who was obsessed with the TV! She would run around through the hallway to the spot at the wall behind where the TV was trying to figure out where things went. I can still vividly recall her watching one of the dog shows on TV and being completely mesmerized. It was the funniest thing! She never missed a trick!

    • I don’t really have a TV so I have no idea if Honey would respond differently to it. Do you think there’s something particular to a computer screen?