Tue Cute Tuesday – Snow Angels

Golden Retriever in Snow

Step one: find a good spot and lie down in the snow.

Golden Retriever in the Snow

Step 2: roll over on your side and wiggle your legs.

Golden Retriever in Snow

Step 3: inspect your work by thoroughly sniffing.

Golden Retriever in the Snow

Step 4: say "TaaaaaDaaaaa!" (It's not a snow angel until the "TaaaaDaaaaa.")

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  1. Bunny gives you two dewclaws up for style and execution!

  2. Greats pictures of Honey. Dogs and snow, they all become puppy again.

    • I’m always wondering just what it is about the snow that makes dogs so excited. Do you think they’re stimulated by all the movement? And do you think the cold, crisp air changes the way scent moves around?

      Or are they just having fun and I should stop over thinking it?

  3. That last picture, with the snow gently falling around her, is just lovely. Taaaa daaaa! I think that’s my favourite part.

  4. I think you made a fabulous snow angel. Great to meet you thru Saturday Blog Hop!

  5. Some of my dogs have done the same thing and left quite an imprint that I was going to photograph, but I was too late and it got walked all over!

    • Having the camera ready. That’s a big one.

      I find that even if the camera is nearby, at least 75% of the cute things Honey does, she does in bad light. (You can tell by the quality of my pictures, can’t you?).

      Oh, and with 6 dogs at home, I’d suspect it doesn’t take long to get paw prints all over the snow angel.

  6. she looks so happy in the snow! i love when they sniff their own rolling spot, as though it has given them an opportunity to smell a part of themselves that they can’t normally reach with their nose!

    also– lollie did a Cute Friday post today (not really . . . well kind of . . . well, you’ll see). in any case, the cute factor was majorly inspired by honey!