Tue Cute Tuesday – Santa Has Come to Town

Golden Retriever Santa Rappelling Down Building

I know Santa is coming down that building but I just can't look away from that treat in front of me!

Here’s how Santa arrives in Honey’s town–rappelling down the side of a high building.

Golden Retriever Sniffs Santa

Gee, you don't look quite fit enough to rappel down the side of a building. And you're making funny noises too!

And Santa once he’s down?

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  1. I have never heard of a rappelling Santa before. Gotta love the creativity involved there.

    • Yeah, it keeps our SWAT team off the streets.

      Actually, the Santa and elves are members of our town’s police SWAT team. We don’t have a high crime rate here (thank goodness) so this is practice for the gorge rescues that happen a few times a year here.

  2. Well, he has to land his sleigh on a rooftop, so he’s got to get down somehow! Still, I’d approach with caution…


  3. Honey, you have good reason to be suspicious of this rappelling Santa. You are one smart little cookie!!

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