Tue Cute Tuesday – Pure Pup Fan-tastic

Somehow I’ve become the high priestess of the Pup Fan cult. I don’t see other bloggers who attended BlogPaws being scolded for not revealing the identity of the funny and mysterious Pup Fan.

So I reluctantly take on my responsibilities. With no more delay, no hiding behind Pup Fantasmagoric projections (see, that near perfect verbal score on my Graduate Record Exams does come in handy every once in a while) I reveal

Pup Fan


Honey the Golden Retriever, Pamela Douglas Webster, and Pup Fan

Just what do you want from me? I haven't even had breakfast yet.

Honey the Golden Retriever, Pamela Douglas Webster & Pup Fan

Why are you laughing? You said you wanted me to show my best side. Don't you see my floofy tail?

Honey the Golden Retriever, Pamela Douglas Webster & Pup Fan

You think I'm cute, don't you Pup Fan?

Honey the Golden Retriever, Pamela Douglas Webster & Pup Fan

Finally, a little smackeral of something. I guess I can stand still for a second.

Sorry, no name or deep dark secrets. I figured I better leave some kind of mystery.

Thanks, Pup Fan, for all your patience with the Pup Fantasies of all the Pup Fan fans.

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  1. Looks like you are having fun!

  2. LOL! Sorry for the harassment Pamela, but you were the only one who actually said they had met the famous Pup Fan in person! I wasn’t sure if she was just a figment of your imagination! Obviously not! :)

    Great to see you Pup Fan! Also great to see Honey enjoying your company. I swear that’s a real smile on her face in pic #4. I think she knows a loving dog person when she sees one!

    Pamela – You’re right. Both Pup Fan and Honey are beautiful. So glad she really exists! 😉

    • Aw, thanks Mel! Honey is adorable and fluffy in person… I was honored that Honey & Pamela would join in a photo shoot with me! :)

  3. I have to say, I am a little disappointed. With all the build-up I thought she’d at least have elf ears or maybe gigantic feet. Sadly, Pup Fan just looks like a normal person. She was even just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, no bat-suit or anything!

    Since Honey seemed to like her, I guess I won’t be too upset over it all. 😉

    • I should have given a little more thought to my wardrobe, apparently! Seriously though, on Thursday I came straight from work so I was dressed up. Friday, I was in jeans, a nice top and cute flats. By Saturday (here), I’d moved into a t-shirt and Pumas. Based on that progression, it’s a good thing BlogPaws didn’t continue until Sunday or I would have been wearing PJs and fuzzy slippers!

      If it helps, I do have tiny feet. =P

  4. Pup Fan is adorable, as is the always lovely Honey and her mom :)

  5. How old is she, 16????

    I knew I’d never get the name… but I agree we all need some mystery in life.

    • You’re going to have to bone up on your Pup Fan trivia. Don’t you remember all the mentions of Melrose Place, Saved by the Bell, and Nickelodeon on her blog. She has to be older than 16! :)

  6. I thought she’d look funnier! 😛

    Seriously, I think it’s really cool that you got to meet her in person, and I’m sure she was desperate for a little Honey hair to take home on her clothes with her! 😉 I think it would be great fun to attend Blogpaws, and Bunny would love all the attention if I got to take her.

    • Honey made a point of seeking out every person who decided to wear black to the convention. A little bit o’Honey went home with lots of people. :)

      Bunny would be a big star at BlogPaws. There were no greyhounds there at all.

      • Bella was very jealous when she saw all the Honey hair on my jeans when I returned home!

        And I agree with Pamela – Bunny would be a total rockstar.

  7. OOOH! I like the mystery!!

    So glad you had such a good time. Must have been very interesting!! :)

  8. I’ve only recently started following Pup Fan and hadn’t realised her identity was a closely guarded secret until people started commenting on it! Nothing wrong with a bit of intrigue in life:) Makes it more interesting. The three of you look like you’re having a blast. Honey is still showing the effects of her grooming! She looks immaculate. And you don’t look like you’re thinking of your toe at all, Pamela;)

    Can’t wait to hear more about Blog Paws. Did you pat the ferrets?

    • I was never in the same place with the ferrets. My husband took those pix.

      I would have loved to have a secret camera in the ferrets’ hotel room. I had a friend in high school who had one and he was a zooming maniac!

  9. The mysterious one is unmasked! Or is she? Seems to me a mystery blogger could have sent a fake to be photographed in her place…very tricky PupFan…very tricky.

    • I have proof on Facebook that one other reputable blogger had identified the blonde in the photo (not Honey) as Pup Fan.

      Are you trying to start trouble? :)

      • Apparently I should I be over here twirling a mustache (I can seriously never spell that word right the first time), like one of those old school movie villians.

        I am nowhere near as crafty as Koly & Jodi give me credit for. :)

  10. Ha! Great photos (and captions). I especially like the one (#3) where Honey looks like she’s backing up. :)

  11. Hi Y’all,

    Well, I’m enamored of Honey! Sorry Pup Fan! Sigh.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog