Tue Cute Tuesday – No Winter Maintenance

Golden Retriever Reading Sign in Snow

Does this mean I don't have to get my nails clipped until spring?

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  1. Honey, you are such a cleverpants! If the trail doesn’t have to be groomed, why would you??

    • Honey’s been arguing that she’ll need her nails to grip the ice.

      I’m arguing that her nails just grip my sweater (and tender flesh). Maybe I need to post a “No Winter Maintenance” sign around her neck.

  2. Heh. Considering I just finished sewing up the hole Shiva tore in my sweater, there should probably be some winter maintenance around these parts as well!

    Poor Honey. Is it really so bad?

    • Actually, Honey minds the trimming far less than I do. It’s one of those tasks I’ve come to dread from years of not properly preparing my dogs to accept it.

      On the positive side, I’ve waited to trim the fur between her pads because it seems to protect her from the salt on the sidewalks. Sometimes unintended consequences can be good.

  3. Great photo! I think every dog would like the idea of not getting their nails clipped until spring. BOL

    Thank you for your comments on our blog about walking/pulling and the tips. Those are some good suggestions and we appreciate the link to the Easy Walk Harness. We are looking into a couple of things that we hope will help. Thanks again.

    • In the picture, Honey is wearing her Easy Walk Harness. She didn’t wear it for the whole walk but we were happy to put it on before tackling steps with no winter maintenance.


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