Tue Cute Tuesday – My Valentine

My husband is the romantic in the family. I’m the hard-headed realist (yeah, I know that doesn’t sound right for someone who spends hours each week writing about her dog  but there it is).

Here’s one of my Valentine’s gifts:


Side A

Side B

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  1. That’s too funny. Last night around 7 pm, I thought, “Why am I still sitting at my desk?” I mostly think Valentine’s Day is a crock, though.

  2. your husband sounds divine and you can tell him i said so. a man with a sense of humour is to be treasured. :)

  3. I love that sign! It sounds like something my husband would do. Actually, for Valentine’s Day, I got this really neat picture montage with the dogs on it. Yes, he knows me so well!

  4. Hahahaha! My husband and I are both realists so there was no exchange of cards last night. We spend every night together. Isn’t that enough? 😉

    I think I need to make something like that of my own.

  5. So cute!!

  6. Great sign, probably the perfect gift. It also shows that your husband respects and values what you do. Good for him and lucky you :)