Tue Cute Tuesday – It’s Football Season!

Well, I have to admit it. It’s actually winter. And football season.

As long as someone is playing baseball, I remain in denial. They’re called the Boys of Summer, right? Who cares that the postseason has stretched into November and the players are wearing thermals under their uniforms (well, not this year, neither Texas nor central California gets that cold.)

Football season means one thing to me: It’s almost time for Puppy Bowl! Animal Planet doesn’t like folks embedding their video, so check out some Hall of Fame highlights here.

And if you like watching the pros, check out Dog Foster Mom’s play-by-play commentary of Ziggy.

Golden Retriever Puppy with Stuffed Toy

Okay, I tackled him. Now what?

Only 136 days until the start of baseball season. Thanks goodness we have puppies to watch until then!

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