Tue Cute Tuesday – Honey Prefers French Cuisine

Golden Retriever

I'd like to follow the Duck L'Orange with Creme Brulee.

We’ve been giving unique names to all of Honey’s toys. If we ask her to get a specific toy, Honey’s getting good at returning with it.

The hardest part is naming all the toys.

This is Duck L’Orange.

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  1. I like it! Obviously Honey does too. I could definitely go for some creme brulee right about now as well. Unfortunately, the last time I attempted to make it my oven caught on fire.

  2. honey has such a refined palate :)

  3. Hee hee! I think Morgan could do this if we named all the toys, but there are a lot of them in that basket! Her favorites do have names, and she usually gets the right one, too.

  4. Perfect toy name!

  5. I’m not sure Sam could chew on something with such a refined name!


  6. I would do the same but I don’t want to be disappointed. 😉

    • We didn’t start doing it until we saw Honey had an aptitude for it. That’s always the best way to succeed.

      Notice we’re not entering into any competitions to see how nicely your dog can greet strangers without jumping all over them with excitement. :)

  7. LOL! Pamela I just love how fun you make everything! Now why didn’t I think of naming all Jasper’s toys in Spanish?

    • The French is entirely accidental. Honey has three duck toys and we needed some way to distinguish them from each other.

      But I think you have a great idea. My husband has been working to improve his Spanish. Maybe I should start him on naming the toys!