Tue Cute Tuesday – Honey Grows When She Gets on the Furniture

Golden Retriever on the bed

I have to stretch out when I sleep. You want me to grow nice and tall, don't you?

Honey is my midget dog. At 50.8 pounds, she’s nearly five pounds less than the breed standard and she looks awfully short next to other Golden Retrievers.

Until Honey gets up on the furniture. Then she grows.

Honey is at her greatest length when she jumps up on the bed early in the morning. Somehow, she manages to stretch her body so that she spans the entire queen-sized bed from end to end assuring the maximum discomfort for all humans trying to sleep.

And it’s not just beds. Just try sharing a loveseat with her. From the time she starts out on the floor until she arrives on the couch, Honey grows at least a foot in length.

Of course that’s not Honey’s only super power. Some day I’ll tell you how she “shoots” dog hair from her body all day long.

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  1. George is the same…He can make himself quite tiny when he wants to (like when he thinks he’s a lap dog, for example), but when he claims his place in our bed he can stretch to incredible lengths for such a tiny boy (he’s only 16 kg). His long legs don’t help either…
    He doesn’t shoot hair though…Honey’s a much more powerful superhero :)

    • Because he’s so sleek and slender, George probably looks twice as long when he’s spread out on the bed–y’know, like an optical illusion. :)

  2. Maybe this is nature’s way of making sure they don’t get smothered by humans around them. And for my shedding dogs (as opposed to the Poodles) this assures maximum coverage for hair to shoot off.

    • I think it’s called a splatter shot when the dog is sprawled out before the fur shoots out. :)

      This time of year, I’m starting to wish Honey was a poodle.

  3. Could it be a dog-female thing? Viva is so much better at stretching out to max lenghts then Kenzo. Especially when she does her “sphinx”-pose: http://twitpic.com/1ek8lq

    • Have you solved the riddle of the Viva sphinx yet? I guess it would be what grows four feet in the morning, two feet in the day time, and three feet at night?

      Honey has nothing compared to those long legs. :)

  4. I’ve heard about this mystical golden retriever ability to shoot our hair at lightening speed. Usually this skill kicks in right after the vacuum is put away. Or so I’m told. šŸ˜‰

    I’ve been kicked off the couch a time or two by my dog. She looks so cute that it’s hard to really mind all that much.

    • The other things that seems to aid in hair-shooting ability is wearing black dress pants. :)

      Yeah, I know what you mean about the too cute part–I’ve banished myself to the ottoman a few times. I’d certainly make room for Shiva on my couch.

  5. Bunny is a tiny Greyhound, at about fifty pounds herself, and it’s amazing that she can not only expand her body to take up the whole couch, especially if one of the other dogs or my husband looks like they want to share the couch with us, but she can also increase her mass to about fifty tons if we are trying to move her on the bed!

  6. Beryl is an average sized female Greyhound but she can take up more room on my queen sized bed than me and Frankie. She can also curl up into a little ball about the size of a pillow:) But she doesn’t when she’s on the bed! And I was amazed at the amount of hair she does drop.

    I didn’t know that Goldens shoot hair all day long. I thought they’d just do the usual shedding a couple of times a year.

    • I can see those long greyhound legs being a quite formidable weapon in the Olympic bed filling competitions.

      I think what I’ve heard about German Shepherds is also true for Golden Retrievers: they only shed once time a year but it lasts 365 days. :)

  7. You should try putting Honey in an RV and see how big she gets! =D

    • So you think Goldens are like goldfish and they expand to fill their living quarters? Does that mean Ty and Buster have started shrinking since you sold the house and took to the RV? :)

  8. Chick does this too! He has a way of stretching his front and back legs in opposite directions until he is SO lengthy. He’s almost as tall as me when he’s at it!

  9. Bella and Honey must have graduated from the same Superhero Academy. Bella shares these powers!