Tue Cute Tuesday — Honey Goes Camping

Golden retriever puppy leaving a tent

Well, I guess someone's gotta make the coffee.

We never crated our previous dogs. So when we took them camping, Agatha, Christie, and Shadow all went directly to their pillows to lay down. They knew it was their place.

Honey has a crate at home and one at work.

I think she saw the entire tent as her crate. And we were just toys put in there for her to sleep with.

First, Honey settled at the top of my sleeping bag–with her paw on top of my head. Then she moved between my husband and me. Switched to the foot of his sleeping bag before ending up at the foot of mine. And she took a different position each time–just like in her crate.

Maybe that’s why I like sleeping in a tent so much. Mmmmmm, crate!

Golden retriever puppy sleeping on her back in a crate.

I'm not in a cage; I'm camping!

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