Tue Cute Tuesday – Conquering the Big Tunnel

Golden Retriever in a Tunnel

I'm the Tunnel King. Do you think Charles Bronson will play me in the movie?

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  1. Go Team Honey! Shiva happens to be obsessed with tunnels – I’m so glad you have found a similar joy. :-)

    But I have to say, you are a lot more attractive than Charles Bronson.

    • Honey is a little bit afraid of rattling canvas so traditional agility tunnels are just a bit scary to her. I thought this solid structure would be a good practice.

      As for being more attractive than Charles Bronson–don’t you think that’s damning with faint praise? :)

  2. Honey, you are way too beautiful to be portrayed by Charles Bronson! I’m thinking Taylor Swift might be a better choice, if she’s inclined to take up acting. Way to go conquering that tunnel!