Tue Cute Tuesday – Caption this Picture

The day Honey came home with us, we both looked a little shell-shocked. I wonder why? Just how much trouble could 9 pounds of cute be?

Do you have a better caption? If so, share it in the comments.

Honey the Golden Retriever

Geez, you two. You think you could at least smile. You are holding a puppy, after all.

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  1. Pamela “OMD did we really get a puppy?”
    Hubby “It will be fine, just relax for the picture.”
    Honey, “Aren’t I adorable? Tell me I’m adorable.”

  2. Pamela: I think she’s peeing on me!
    Hubby: Quit squirming!
    Honey: As soon as she lets me go, I’m gonna chew on this couch.

  3. Pamela: OMD – what have I done?
    Hubby: OMD – what have I done?
    Honey: OMD – what have I done?

  4. Mike Webster says:

    This lady’s pretty and I really like her lap. But what’s with that guy’s hair?

  5. And little did they know that their lives would never be the same…. or maybe they did! ROFL

  6. Pamela : I think she’s going to break!
    Mike : It’s OK, maybe you could just loosen your grip a little?
    Honey : Sheesh, I’m real, not a statue, relax Mum:)

  7. LOL, that’s adorable. I’m pretty sure what you are all thinking is “Take the darn picture already; how long do you think the puppy is going to hold still?!”

  8. Honey: “Please tell me they know what they’re doing. Please.”

  9. Before.

  10. Pamela — Something is warm and squishy in my lap! What the…?
    Hubby — Did Pamela just fart?
    Honey — Am I the cutest or what?

  11. Remember dear, this was YOUR idea!

  12. You are posing as a modern version of the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood, and Honey symbolizes the pitchfork which actually (in the painting) symbolizes hard labor. Sorry, but it was the first thing that came to my mind! 😉

  13. You know what I love about blogging? When the comments are better than the original post.

    It’s happened today. These captions are hilarious. if you had been around when the picture was taken, I can guarantee we’d all be smiling.

    And it happens when i write something serious too, like here: http://www.somethingwagging.com/2011/10/08/telling-stories-about-your-rescue-dog/#comments.

    I wouldn’t trade y’all for a million hits blog if I had the choice. You’re the greatest!

    BTW, is anyone else amused that the first person to make a poop joke is expecting a puppy soon? I guess we know what’s on houndstooth’s mind.

    • LOL… no joke, I was about to scroll down and make a comment about the American Gothic painting.

      These comments are cracking me up!

  14. I loved reading everyone else’s captions. Dog bloggers are just so funny!
    And I am surprised you haven’t shown us this photo before. It is so cute and turned out very well!

    If you are anything like me I know you were thinking something like “Don’t blink, don’t blink, don’t blink…”

  15. Hubby, “Just remember dear, someday we’ll BOTH laugh about this”

  16. I am late to this shindig, but I can’t leave without leaving you this one that immediately popped into my head:

    American Gothic 2 (We don’t need no pitchfork; we got a puppy.) 😉

  17. OMG I LOVE this picture!!! It looks like you’re saying .. “What were we thinking???? But, she’s cute, right?”
    My hubby and I can’t decide if we will try to raise another puppy . .it’s like having a baby!! But, oh do I love puppies!