Tue Cute Tuesday – At the Dog Park

What do I love best about the dog park? Listening to the love and pride in people’s voices when they talk about their dogs.

While Honey and her friend were chasing each other around the park, I said to the black dog’s person, “Wow, she’s really fast.”

He replied with a few minutes of stories about how they thought she had some Border Collie in the mix and the quirky traits she shows–waiting at the gate when she’s ready to chase rocks tossed into the lake, hiding under the picnic table, enjoying her crate as a restful area.

He was so proud of his dog.

It made my day!

Golden Retriever playing at the dog park

 Golden Retriever playing at dog park

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  1. Looks like Honey was happy to meet that black dog too! A fast dog is always such a fund addition to the dog park :)

  2. There is nothing more charming than a man who loves his animals. :-)

    That looks like such a beautiful park, too. I love the sweet little pond in the background.

    • I often think that if men knew how charming women found it when they nurture small animals, all the shelters of the world would be empty.

      BTW, that sweet little pond is the far edge of the largest inland marina in NY state. :)

      • Too true. One of the reasons I continued dating my husband is because he had a little kitten.

        Hahaha! Even better then! The park must have an amazing view!

  3. Aw, that’s awesome! I love listening to people who are so proud of their dogs too. :)

  4. Yes, you can learn a lot about people when they talk about their dogs:) It’s neat when the owners really know their dogs and have taken the time and have the love to create the best life possible for everyone. I hope I’m guilty of doing that! I know I’m guilty of boring people at the park talking about Frankie and Beryl, but I hope I listen to them as well.

  5. It’s always fun to talk to other dog lovers :) Looks like Honey had fun too!!

    • It’s a great combination–pleasant chatter with doggy people and Honey gets her yayas out. I wish I could send Honey to a virtual dog park when I’m blogging. :)

  6. I keep telling my newly-single brother he needs to get a dog. Preferably a small cute fluffy one. :)

    And, Ms. Pamela, are treading on my dog park turf? (Which I have barely written about in months…) 😉

    • I prefer to say I’ve been inspired by the best. :)

      But seriously, I’m not a natural dog-park lover. I see the risks more than the benefits. And I plan our visits carefully. Your dog park stories encouraged me to get past my reticence and have some fun.

      You’re not going to make me get off your turf, are you? :)

  7. It is great connecting with other dog lovers. Sometimes I forget I’m not the only person in the world in love with and proud of my dogs. :-)

  8. Hi Y’all,

    They look like two happy pups!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • And yet when they’re done, they’re done. They go their separate ways like two strangers in the night. I wish I knew what dogs thought about play.

  9. That is great! I just love to hear other people talk about their pets and to see their faces beam with pride!

  10. I have to agree – I love hearing people speak so proudly of their dogs. I just also love to talk dogs and the dog park is a great place for that, too. (It also means people are usually watching their dogs – an important part of any positive dog park experience.)

    I love that so many people are doing so much more for their dogs and our relationships with them.

    • One of the reasons we go to the dog park early is because the people are more likely at that time to be there for their dogs first. When we’ve gone by later in the day, you’ll find knots of people sitting around drinking coffee while their dogs play without their watch.

      I love talking dog. But not if it means I’m there more for myself than for Honey.

  11. This post just made mine. :) Talking dog with strangers makes me happy.

  12. I know what you mean, Pamela! I’ve heard of some horrific dog park stories, but in general my experiences have always been positive, and everyone is always so convinced that their dog is the best, the smartest, the fastest, the cutest, etc. It warms my heart. If only every dog could have someone who is convinced he/she is “the very best dog in the history of the world.” FYI, that dog is Tucker! :o)

  13. It’s one of the things I love the most about the dog park, too! I can’t tell you the people’s names who are regulars, but I can tell you I love seeing Hans and Greta, the Weimeraner siblings, come in, and the trio of Standard Poodles that we’ve met, and a host of others! Everybody can talk dog at the dog park, and nobody seems to hold any prejudices.

  14. that’s the best part about the dog park. i really don’t understand the people who go and don’t want to talk to anyone or who are all nervous about their dog or other dogs. what’s the point? should be happy fun time for all!

  15. Hi we are new followers and look forward to being friends!

    LOL I love the dog park for the same reasons :)