Tue Cute Tuesday – Adventure Kitty

I’m in love.

With Laetitia and Guillaume. But mostly with Kitty.

The true tale of Adventure Kitty

In 2009, Laetitia and Guillaume set out from Miami, Florida intending to walk to Tierra Del Fuego. Along the way, they adopted Kitty. They documented their travels at their blog, Turn of the World.

Eventually Laetitia gave up the journey and returned to France.

But Guillaume kept going with Kitty.

I don’t know where Guillaume and Kitty are now. The last update to the blog was posted in August 2010.

At the blog you’ll find some touching video, including this sweet one of Kitty and Guillaume traveling together.


Kitty Indedit from TURNOFTHEWORLD on Vimeo.

Have you ever taken a hard journey? Do you think it would be easier or harder if you had an animal with you?

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  1. Everything is easier with my best friend by my side.

  2. That is so awesome. We need that cat to go with our two hiking weiner dogs!

    • I’d be careful if I were you. Your hiking adventure pups might decide that a ride in a backpack with an umbrella for shade looks pretty good if they spied Kitty. :)

  3. This is so cute and I’m so glad you reminded me that this was going on! I used to follow and then forgot and you’re right Jessica you do need that cat :)

  4. Woof! Woof! So SWEET! Golden Thanks for sharing. My mom wish I can go with her when travels (far away from home — hope someday they will allow big good well behave pets in a plane). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. My pups have gone on lots of road trips with me and they make it so much fun. I’ll admit that having two large balls of muscle in my lap vying for the chance to stick the nose out the front window is not always comfortable, but usually worth it.

    Why does no one make a minivan with back windows that really open anymore? Would make it so much easier for the noses.

  6. Oh Dog! I’d LOVE to go with them!

  7. That’s beautiful. I trekked all over Europe a few years ago and the only one I missed dearly was Charlie – it actually ruined my trip because I got so homesick for him at a certain point. I’m sure it’s much more complicated to travel and find accommodation with a pet, but the rewards must be huge.

    My cat, Tigress, is harness trained and often hangs out with me and the dogs. She’s even gone camping with us (and LOVED it – she was our official bug catcher and everyone insisted she spent some time in their tent to take care of their crawlers).

  8. Definitely easier if you have an animal with you! Last year, we went out for a hike that turned out to be A LOT longer and harder than we expected. If Bunny and Morgan hadn’t been with us, I don’t think we’d have finished it. The fact that Bunny kept going and had such a great outlook really kept me going!

  9. Oh my gosh – could that kitty be any cuter?? What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it 😉 Cali is a good traveler . . our kitties . .not so much 😉

  10. That has got to be one calm kitty to just stay in his backpack like that! Wonder where they are now.

    My hardest travel was my life before I met my husband and I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the animals in my life. I owe them everything. And if I ever took a long physical journey they would all have to be by my side…somehow! BOL!!

  11. I haven’t heard of this blog before but I am truly amazed by Kitty. I have never seen a cat that travels so well! The little sun umbrella is so cute. Now I know how I will be avoiding work for the rest of the day. Or at least, I would if I could still read French.

    While I have never gone on a journey of this magnitude I would think travelling with an animal friend would be both awesome and stressful. Awesome because it’s great to have a little furry buddy, but stressful because travelling can be difficult enough when all you have to worry about is yourself. I would be so worried that my pet would get hurt or sick or that we couldn’t find enough food or fresh water. But maybe I just think too much about such things! 😛

  12. I’ve heard of that couple + cat before! The site looks awesome, but unfortunately, I don’t read any French.
    I always wonder exactly how they manage to cross borders with the cat without being hassled about having an animal with them. I mean, I’ve heard stories of people being forced to put their pets in quarantine for, like, months when they move between countries.