Tue Cute Tuesday

Golden Retriever in the snow

Yep, I may look dainty and pretty but I can handle the snow as good as any malamute. Now watch me show this snowball who's boss.

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  1. That’s one cool cat, uh, dog.

  2. Malamute? You talkin to me, Honey? I’ve NEVER seen snow. NEVER! How sad is that? I hear it’s really cold. Please have another big roll in it for me while I bake here. A malamutey hug (that’s a very big one) Rufus B Thumper.

  3. Thing about a golden retriever, anything they do looks cute… I’m a total sucker for the breed.

    • I am a sucker for the breed too, ever since I played with my cousin’s golden puppy as a teenager. Gorgeous dog, was Ginger.

      Not as gorgeous as Honey, of course. 😉

  4. I’m giggling here! Honey, you don’t look like you have ferocious bone in your cute little body!

  5. I agree with Houndstooth! I’d have a much more peaceful life if that’s all my dogs did was show the snowball who’s boss!! Too cute. Honey really is such a beautiful dog. There was a time they were one of my favorites, until I got sucked into the whole Husky/Lab thing!!

    I really liked your last post on guilt. Boy can I relate! Dogs really are the Zen masters of the world!

  6. Make sure it doesn’t come back till next weekend!