Tue Cute Tuesday – Our Honey is Growing Up

Golden Retriever in the Snow

Don't crop the picture too tight. You want to make sure everyone can see my plumage.

I still see Honey as a young, small dog. But every once in a while, I catch the beauty of the adult dog she’s growing into.

The cloudy skies don’t lend to beautiful pictures. But the model sure does.

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  1. Beautiful girl!!! Before you know it she will have all of her chest feathers grown :)

    • This is definitely a new experience for me. I’m used to thinking a year old dog is just about fully grown. But Honey has a whole ‘nother stage of growing into her “outfit.” Who knew?

      If she’s just 1/2 as pretty as Luna, Honey will have it made.

  2. That is some impressive plummage! Honey is growing into a becomming young woman now. Pretty soon she’ll be giving you sarcastic fur tosses and slamming the door of her crate. 😉

  3. That’s some fantastic plumage!

  4. Everyone’s talking about your plumage, Honey. It’s hard to talk about anything else. That is ONE FINE TAIL!

    Are you only a year old? You’re still a baby! When you become a teenager, remember to give your human a hard time so she has something to talk about when you get older. Trust me on this. I have Experience. After that, you can become A Lady like me :) xox

    • Now Georgia, if you’re going to try to be a bad influence….

      Of course, if you want to tell her how to become ladylike, that’s another thing.

  5. Honey is definitely growing into a beautiful young lady! That plumage sure can’t be beat, either!

  6. Look at that beautiful tail! Quite a shot getting it all in. BOL The two puppies we kept from the litter Zappa and Fiona, I still think and act like they are puppies. There is something so young and innocent about them, it is hard to believe they are 3 years old sometimes. Where I don’t find that with the other two puppies Chance and Blaze who came back to us. Isn’t that a little strange?

    • I think some dogs have “old souls” just like some people. I think my dog Agatha was like that.

      And of course, Blaze and Chance had a different upbringing before they came back to you. We’re all shaped by the different experiences in our lives. I guess dogs are no different.

  7. The model is definitely beautiful. I love the fuzzy butt fur!

  8. Beautiful! Honey is gorgeous, what a looker !


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