Tue Cute (ahem, Tue Ferocious) Tuesday

Today I came across two videos of dogs that are tue tough to be real. First, Sharon (with help from Cleo) over at Cleo’s Day posted a fun video of two Australian dogs swimming with (and herding?) sharks. Georgia Lil Pea, don’t get any ideas.

And finally, a chihuahua who thinks he’s a guard dog chases robbers out of a store according to surveillance video. I saw this on NPR. My husband thinks it’s a set up. What do you think?

Do you see any of your canine companions starring in a similar video?

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  1. Ha! Yes my dachshund Texas would be right there with that chihuahua with the added bonus of actual teeth making contact…(well if i’m in the vicinity..if not he’d be cowering under the couch)

    • Yes, but everyone knows dachshunds are fierce… Don’t they?

      Let’s hope you never find out what Texas is capable of in front of robbers, ok?

  2. I can see any one of my dogs in the robber scenario, they’d never make it out the door! But the shark one…I can’t even believe I watched the two dogs in the video, much less one of my dogs trying to do that!!

    And I don’t know if the robbery one was scripted, but I think there’s a strong possibility. Just my thoughts.

    • Having witnessed any number of stupid crimes first hand, I don’t think it’s set up. Criminals are definitely much stupider and less cool than they are depicted on tv. :)

  3. That shark video is mind-blowing! Proves how friendly some sharks can be, not the vicious attackers we sometimes make them out to be. Not that I’d be jumping in there…

    I agree that the robbery looks like a set up. The man had a gun, after all. There is something about the whole thing that seems off. But it’s still a lot of fun!

    I know Shiva won’t be swimming with sharks any time soon – since she doesn’t swim period – but given that she barks at leaves that pass by our house, and protects even our campsite from evil passers by, I have no doubt she’d bark at any potential burglars. A well-placed steak would probably be enough to distract her, however. (Maybe I shouldn’t say that in public?)

    • Sharks are definitely the pit bulls of the sea. They get an awfully bad reputation without doing much to deserve it.

      Glad to know Shiva won’t be tempting her fate anytime soon by swimming with sharks. Especially one that swims by with a steak. That could get really messy. :)

  4. I saw both of those earlier, and that’s one tough dog to go after a shark! I tend to think the chihuahua video might be set up, not just because the guy has a huge gun and they hesitate before running off, but I can’t recall ever seeing real surveillance video that looked that clear!

    The Greyhounds MIGHT wag someone to death if they broke in. Morgan wouldn’t have any part of it, though! She thinks of herself as Bunny’s personal bodyguard, amongst other things!

    • The noise alone would make most robbers pause. After all, they don’t want to get caught. But the clearness of the surveillance camera gave me pause too.

      Good thing you have Morgan standing by. I’ve never heard of a robber being scared off by Greyhound “happy tail.”

  5. I don’t think the Chi was a set up. The dog/owner was on the national ABC news. Apparently his dog is there everyday and really friendly in general. I’m not sure unless you trained the Chi like a PPD to not be friendly to someone with a gun.

    • Just the yelling and aggressive way of entering the store would probably be enough to signal to a friendly dog that something was wrong. After all, they are all about body language.

      I think that chi was lucky the robbers were too stupid (or not that cruel) to think of a well-placed kick.

  6. Oh, only in Australia, lol! Those sharks must be very well fed. I’d certainly label that video with ‘don’t try this at home’!!

    The Chi video, yes, it looks like a setup to me too. The ‘robbers’ didn’t actually sound scared and why go back for the bag? Feisty little fella though:)

    • Actually, the guy who wasn’t being bothered by the chihuahua told the other one to go back for the money.

      But remember, bright people don’t decide to stick up a bodega for money. These two will probably get a Darwin award this year.

      I’d love to know the back story about the sharks. The guy taking the video said it’s something that happens pretty regularly. I posted a video of a lab swimming with dolphins. Is this the same kind of thing with sharks?