Tricky Dogs Dress Up for Halloween Treats

Trick or Treat? Or Trick and Treat?

Sure, we all know Golden Retrievers are smart. But we don’t usually think of them as tricky, do we?

Clever Parker Pup and his friend Daisy have a foolproof way to trick their way into lots of Halloween treats.

Take a look:

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing this great video at My Life in Blog Years. Need to see more Parker Pup? Learn more about this actor, model, therapy dog, and agility athlete at his own website.

Would your dog work this hard for toys and treats? Or is it a good thing he has you to spoil him?


Golden Retriever looks at Scarecrow

Not sure what to say about all the strange goings on this time of year. What do you think?

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  1. Oh my gosh! That is so darned cute! I’d give him a lot more treats, that’s for sure!

  2. That was great! Hubby and I are not “into” dressing our dogs up for various holidays, but we both enjoyed this video immensely. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How cute!

    Silas and Halloween… yeah, that’s not going to happen. This year we’re going to pretend that no one is home. I may seriously even put up a sign asking people to please not knock. Next year I’m hoping that we can use the opportunity to work on his people skills.

  4. That is pretty darn cute. Halloween is a great opportunity for my dogs to jump up and go nuts on lots of little kiddies, and for the gate to be inadvertently left open and for Fozzie to go tearing around giving black cats the worst luck they’ve ever had, so I’m going to make sure I’m not home!

  5. Oh, that just cracked me up! Too cute! My goldens will barely sit still to have their harnesses put on for a walk, so I don’t see that happening! And my beagles….well, let’s just say no treats would ever make it home in the bucket!

  6. Cute video! And that photo… oh boy, Rita would most likely not be sitting calmly next to that scarecrow! This is our first Halloween with her, but I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to hate it. We’ll be hiding with the lights off!

  7. Great video. I would not be able to keep holding the basket once I knew there was a treat in it!

  8. That was too cute! We are going to go out to dinner and then hide in the basement this halloween!! Cali goes crazy barking at the kids at the door and we don’t get very many kids on our street.

  9. So cute! What awesome pups!

  10. Thanks for the giggles. OMG! Those costumes were awesome! I cannot even imagine what it took to get them to wear all that and to sit and pose every time. Of course, Goldens are such people pleasers that they would be the perfect dog to try this with. How fun!

  11. Bless how well behaved were they!!