Toys for Your Dog? Or Toys for You?

Golden Retriever Puppy and Toy Duck

There! I bet you won't quack at me next time!

While Honey’s recovering from surgery, she’s not allowed to go for walks or play. Which means she has lots of spare energy to work off.

I’ve tried some training to tire her out. And we’ve played some light games of tug. But I really thought she could use some new toys.

So off I go to the pet supply to find just the right thing. Of course, most of the toys are made to attract people. I wonder if Honey would have picked out this toy on her own? And if she thinks it has any resemblance to those swimming creatures in the lake that always catch her attention?

I guess it doesn’t matter. Honey loved the duck. But she also liked the blue, stuffed dinosaur. And the Nylabone. And the cardboard tag attached to the Nylabone. I guess puppies aren’t fussy.

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