Too awful? Or awful cute?

Everyone knows I’m a crazy dog lady. I get puppy birthday cards, puppy refrigerator magnets, even puppy socks.

Here’s the thing–although I am certifiably dog-insane (it’s in the DSM-IV; look it up), I don’t appreciate all the cute doggie things that everyone else does.

I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I don’t think I’m worse (well, I do but my therapist tells me to keep working on that). I just don’t get some of the things other dog-insane people find cute.

So here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to share some of the doggie things I don’t find cute. Some I even find a little frightening. But I believe in democracy. And I trust my faithful readers to never steer me wrong.

At the end, you get to vote for whichever you find the cutest. I promise that whatever item is ahead in the poll by Sunday, February 20 I will start to like. After all, I didn’t like spinach the first time I tried it either.

#1 Dogs in costumes

I thought I saved the email from the person who sent me this link but I can’t find it. Was it Celia Sue Hecht of Have Dog Blog Will Travel? If so, Celia Sue, stand up and take a bow. Or whomever, please let me know so I can thank you.

Anyway, here’s a little taste of dogs dressed as superheroes. Click the link to see the entire slide show. Husky as Superman

#2 Dog pictures taken with a wide angle lens

Wide Angle Dog

It’s actually an impressive picture from the photostream of dreaming_of_rivers found on Flickr. The use of color and light is beautiful. The model is very handsome. The photographer is obviously talented. But I just wanted to see an undistorted puppy face.

Is that wrong?

#3 Talking, singing, winking puppies

It’s obviously precious. The voice, the sentiment, the cute furry face. I can’t look away. But I’m scared. BTW, if you just adore this, you can get a video memory of your very own dog singing to you for only $15.

#4 Dogs in clothing with people’s hands

I’ve seen a number of these videos around cyberspace. Most recently I came across this one at Life with Dogs.

#5 Talking dogs doing improbable things in movies

Now that’s not an ironclad rule. After all, I love the movie Babe. But that’s the exception that proves the rule.

No, this is the kind of movie I have in mind.

So that’s my list. Is it too awful or awful cute?

Vote in my poll. The winner will become my new “like.” You can only vote once but feel free to share with your friends if you want to influence the results.

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  1. I don’t mind any of the things you’ve mentioned, but I do believe in moderation. We’ve done costumes for the dogs for our nursing home visits because the residents get such a kick out of it, but I’m not a fan of the kind of costume in that photo. Those are hideous!

  2. The dogs with human hands totally weird me out. I keep thinking of the idiots under the dogs and wonder why they aren’t contributing more to the world.

  3. I must say that the #3 video is quite disturbing!

  4. When I was a kid I had a nightmare about my dog talking. She was saying the meanest things and laughing maniacally. Ever since that dream, I have never been able to stand talking dogs. This is the first time I have admitted this. But the idea of creating a video of my dog singing???

    Um, I’ll pass.

    I don’t really mind the wide-angle lense, but I hear you on the puppy-face distortion. I think it is more interesting, than cute.

    I do love other dogs in costumes. Shhh! I don’t think I’ll ever really dress my own dog up in such a thing, but I think it’s pretty cute when others do it, especially when it is a larger dog. Small dogs in clothes aren’t nearly as adorable. But show me a mastiff dressed as a fairy princess? My day is pretty much made.

    • Boy, what a nightmare! I’m surprised it didn’t make you a cat person for life! Lucky for Shiva.

      I don’t know if I guite see a mastiff as a fairy princess but I guess there’s something to be said for playing against type.

  5. I agree with Kristine– I think #1 and #2 are funny / cute / odd-in-a-good-way, but the others totally creep me out. Here is some evidence of my own usage of #2 in pet photos:
    Also on my list: piles of puppies surrounded by lace / roses / teddy bears / other girly “cuteness”

    follow our foster:

    • I wish I had known to look for these before. I was really thinking about the kinds of images that end up on greeting cards but both yours and the photo I used have a lot to recommend them. Which is a good thing. Because so far, wide-angle lens pix are winning the poll.

  6. Mike Webster says:

    Yeaaahhhh, the wife and I continue to debate the wide-angle puppy photos. I like ’em. They remind me of how I see my dogs when they’re nose-to-nose with me during the occasional jumping-on-the-puppy-dad session.

    Also, I’ve always had a somewhat distorted sense of humor.

    • I have no idea how you know what that view looks like. It’s not as if Honey ever stays still during those jumping-on-the-puppy-dad-sessions. And everyone here has seen the photographic evidence.

  7. #1 and #2 don’t bother me. I’ve always had a thing about talking animals though. They totally creep me out. And the dogs with human hands.. Uber-creepy. I’m with ya there. *shudder*

    • So that talking puppy really has people disturbed, huh? I’m really surprised. I truly thought someone would find that just adorable. Maybe someone from the blog hop will give them their first vote.

  8. Dear Ms Pamela,

    My stay-at-hone human thought I should answer this one. She’s a bit embarrassed seeing as how most of my pictures show me with a big nose. She wants you to know she’s never used a wide angle lens because she doesn’t have one. She takes 90% of my pictures with her mobile phone. (Im sure you would already have guessed this from their unusual quality.)

    Before you conclude that my nose is naturally big (it isn’t)…let me share 2 recent comments she received. Ms Jarolim mentioned that I look like a capybara in my pictures. The Queen of Bermtopia often calls my nose a snout. It’s disturbing of course, since I am neither a rodent nor a pig.

    Apart from one botched experiment with sewing me a winter jammie, my stay-at-home human has never put me in a costume and hates them to bits. So I hope you forgive her for those photos. She was only trying to make me look cute.

    She has of course, voted in your poll. If she could, she’d be clicking the big nose one a few more times. Love, xox Georgia Little Pea.

    • Georgia Little Pea, I’m sure you need no help looking cute. And I guess that’s the reason I don’t go for dog costumes. Talk about gilding the lily! How can you make a dog look any more cute than she already does?

      I’m the last person in the world without a cell phone so I honestly don’t know this. Are you telling me that pictures taken with one make your nose look bigger? If that’s so, I’m going to run and hide every time I see someone take one out of their pocket.

      • You don’t have a mob? You’re not the last. There are 2 people we know in our neighbourhood, who don’t have one either. CONGRATULATIONS!

        If I were you, I’d run anytime someone points their mob at you. At the very least, pretend to look for something in your handbag. You won’t regret it, particularly if it turns up on Facebook.

        I actually don’t know why G’s nose looks so big. I suspect it might be the same reason I always look like a balloon in pictures (when in reality, I’m only half a balloon).

        • It took me 2 days to figure out that mob probably was short for mo-bile. Does it rhyme with “sob” or “mobe.”

          Once of these days I’m going to take lessons in Australian. I think it’s always good to add another language to your repertoire. :)

  9. I’d say it’s a toss up between the costume and the wide angle. But honestly dogs in any clothes is scary to me!!

    • That seems to the consensus so far. But I’m not surprised to hear you find dogs in clothes as scary as I do. You are one person who often writes about enjoying the wildness in your dogs. It makes perfect sense. A wild dog would never allow himself to be put into a costume–not even one of Batman.

  10. I wish you had another category: “dogs dressed in cute clothes”, especially dressed like little children…. which I see all too often… please give dogs back their dignity and let them be “dogs.”

  11. I am a sucker for #2 (and often #1), but I do get a little freaked out by #3 and #4!

  12. I missed the voting deadline…but I’ll add my two cents anyway. :) I’m so glad to see #2 won the most votes. I think wide angle shots are cute…and not in an awful way. There’s something about seeing those big eyes and snout with tiny feet that cracks me up every time!