Time For A Spa Day – Wordless Wednesday

We said goodbye to our latest foster puppy yesterday. And I think Honey could use a spa day.

After a bunch of this:

Honey the golden retriever plays tug with Zoe the foster puppy.

You’ll never get this away from me, Zoe. Don’t you see my big choppers?

And this:

Zoe the foster puppy nips Honey the golden retriever.

Hey, Zoe, you’re a blue heeler. Aren’t you nipping a bit high there?

And some of this:

Honey and Zoe tug a stick.

You can’t beat me, Zoe. I invented this game.

And even this:

Honey the golden retriever rolls on the ground.

Wait a minute. I think there are a few dead leaves I haven’t yet gotten stuck to my fur.

Honey is looking a bit ratty.

She has dreadlocks behind her ears. At least part of her floofie tail went down Zoe’s throat. And she’s doing her bit for biodiversity by carrying seeds from all kinds of plants in her furry pants.

Honey’s home spa is now open.

Honey the golden retriever waits for her bath.

Really? What’s a little stinky dog smell between friends?

Your Turn: What does your dog like to do that makes him or her most need a bath?

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  1. Hmmmmm…..rolling in yucky stuff is what makes me bath the most BOL!
    Siberian Huskies are ‘almost’ odorless and do not need bathed all too often, so I am lucky that way.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Well, Maggie has a daily habit of rolling in the grass in the front yard…

  3. Flattery has a penchant for finding dead smelly things to roll on, but it happens rarely. Morgan just has to walk outside when it’s wet or damp to be covered in mud, but Bunny usually seems to be mud repellent. And Küster, my gosh, if there’s a way to get dirty that he hasn’t discovered and perfected yet, I’ll be amazed!

  4. All 3 of my girls love scratching their backs in the dead leaves — and there are plenty of them in the yard right now! Ducky, when she’s not feeling well physically, or when her OCD kicks in, licks up the golden hair wisps. (Later on, or the next day, she upchucks hair “logs” and then she’s back to normal.)

  5. Rolling! In deer pee, fox pee, dead mice, goose poop, invisible stuff that smells horrible. Just in the last few days I’ve been thinking my boys need baths. It is a huge ordeal when done at home, so I am thinking the pet store self-serve is looking good!

  6. You name it – Harley can find it. He has a few furrends that we see regularly on our daily walks, so there’s always a romp to be had. That coupled with a day or two of camp, and backyard fun – he smells. Plain and simple!

  7. I can never think of the ocean the same after the day they rolled in dead walrus and we had to smell that all the way home.

  8. Rita likes to dunk in muddy puddles! It’s been so hot here for so long, she just did it again this weekend while we were out walking. It was super hot, and we’d had some rain (YAH!) a few days before, so we came across this huge mud puddle and before I could stop her she’d plunked down in the middle of it. Couldn’t really be mad at her – it was so cute to just see the “Ahhhh” thought bubble over her little head! Love all the pics of Honey & the pup!

  9. Oh yeah! Definitely bath time after puppysitting!! Those puppies are tiny terrors. LOL My girls used to avoid puddles on hikes but now they just plow through them so they can get pretty muddy. Also, in Oregon it’s wet and muddy in general so they get pretty frequent baths.

  10. Sorry, Honey! I was scheduled for a spa day, but my spa lady was sick and had to move it to Friday. I’m fine with that as I don’t like spa days much. I like the messy look.

  11. I bet Honey looked great (and smelled great) after her spa day!

    Ginger doesn’t get baths that often, as she doesn’t like them at all. But, she doesn’t seem to get too dirty either.

  12. I’m sure there was a lot of puppy slobber to wash off Honey! Luke loves to chew on Sheba’s ears, so I constantly have to brush them to keep away the knots.

  13. Honeys face in that 3rd photo is just so precious! I hope she will enjoy her spa day!!