Tick Talk

Honey had a fun time visiting her sisters over the weekend. But she came home with a little friend. We found a tick attached to the top of her head.

Luckily, my husband is sometimes prone to impulse buys.

Last year, Mike came home from the vet with a little plastic gizmo called a Tick Twister. I groaned at the thought of adding more one more thingy to the house. And when Shadow (our previous dog) didn’t get a single tick, the item collected dust.

This morning we got to test it out. It really worked.

I’ve removed many ticks from myself and my dogs using tweezers. It’s hard to pull a tick off without leaving the head attached to the skin.

With the tick twister, you slip the end under the tick’s body and twist until the tick’s mouth opens and you can pull it off. It was fast and evidently painless since Honey didn’t even wiggle during this feat of minor surgery.

Imagine that, a cheap, plastic gizmo that actually does what it claims to do?!

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