This is the Best Gift to Give Anyone

Honey the Golden Retriever has a ball at the dog park

My favorite ghfift is a schpitty bawrll.

What do you get for the pet blogger who has everything?

How about compliments, link love, and a big dose of encouragement?

Great Gifts Money Can’t Buy

You may have noticed we have a gift-giving holiday coming up. Y’know, the one that calls for colored lights and fake snow about the time you’re buying Halloween candy.

I’d like to celebrate the season with my community of animal lovers by sharing a tradition I introduced at one of my old jobs: Holiday Affirmations.

I handed everyone slips of paper, each with a co-worker’s name on it. On each slip, they wrote something they really appreciated about that person. I collected the slips and gave each person all the nice comments from their work friends.

We Don’t Share Our Appreciation Enough

Honey the Golden Retriever and Pamela Douglas Webster at Ithaca Falls

Pamela: You’re the best gift I’ve ever gotten, Honey.
Honey: Thanks. But do you have to tell me in front of the camera? It’s embarrassing.

Holiday Affirmations became a big hit and I heard they continued the tradition after I left the job.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to read the lovely words of people I took totally for granted each day.

It meant so much to find out that my words caused one friend to change the way he looked at things. I was gratified to know that another friend found me witty. And it just plain felt good to know that another appreciated all the silly ways I tried to keep up morale around the place.

I’d keep those slips of paper on my refrigerator for months, always smiling when I stopped to reach them.

The only thing that felt better was thinking of all the great qualities of my friends and writing about them. It took only a few minutes but it felt good for a long time afterward.

Give a Gift to Your Favorite Blogger

I’d like to bring the Holiday Affirmation tradition to Blogville. It’s an easy way to share a gift while feeling good yourself for encouraging someone who works so hard at advocating, educating, or just plain entertaining the animal loving community.

Here’s how it works:

  • Let me know you want to join the fun by commenting below, sending me an email, posting on the Something Wagging Facebook page, or sending me a direct message on Twitter. Make sure you include a link that will help me find your blog or social media sites and your email.
  • I’ll match you with another pet blogger, at random.
  • I’ll send a message to let you know who you’re paired with.
  • Anytime during the month of December, shower your fellow online animal lover with encouragement and compliments. You can write it into a blog post, tweet about them, set up a Pinterest board, or post to your Facebook wall.
  • Link your activity to the linky list I’ll put up here on December 1.
  • If you do a few different things (Pinterest, Facebook, blog post), you can link each one. This will give link love to you while showing more people how fabulous your blogging partner is. They’ll do the same for you.

Cool, huh?

It won’t take long. It won’t cost you any money. It will share some linky love. You’ll get lots of kind encouragement from a fellow blogger. And it will be fun.

You might end up paired with someone you don’t already follow and know. But that’s a great chance to meet someone new and to start a new friendship.

Don’t wait. Comment below if you want to join the fun.

UPDATE: Check out the linky list set up for the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange

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  1. What a fantatsic idea!!

  2. Count us in, sounds like fun.

  3. Oh Pamela, I love this idea!! Please count me in!

    And might I say, you have many traits that I admire (and envy) one of which is your thoughtfulness and caring. You genuinely care about people and that shows in everything you do. :-)

  4. Absolutely! This is such a beautiful idea, far better than most material gifts. Being social animals, knowing we have affected others in a positive way is a wonderful feeling and what I think the holiday spirit should be about. Thank you for coming up with this!

  5. What a sweet idea! Count me in!

  6. This is a fabulous idea. December gets a little hectic around here, but I want to do this.

  7. Awesome idea! We are in!

  8. We’d like to join too! Love the idea. Thanks for thinking of others Pamela. You have a way of spreading generosity far and wide. And we appreciate that. :)

  9. What a lovely idea! Count us in.

    One of my teachers did this at the end of my senior year in high school. I was morbidly shy and not very popular but the words received from my classmates made me realize I had somehow still quietly influenced them. I have kept those notes for over 30 years. :]

    • What a wonderful story, Leslie. :)

      Your teacher had a wonderful idea. Because even people who don’t seem shy won’t just walk up to someone and say nice things to them. So giving people a chance to be kind to each other without much risk is very wise.

  10. Great idea! Count us in!

  11. this is the MOST FABULOUS idea that I have run into in a loooooooooooong time!!!! Count me in!! Can I use both blogs or just one?

    • If you’re willing to be matched with two different bloggers, I’m happy to enter both your blogs. Let me know if that’s what you’d like me to do.

  12. Count me in too!

  13. What a cool idea! December is insanely busy for us, but I’d love to give it a try!

  14. What a great idea. I used to work at REI and they do something like this every year for employees. Unfortunately I won’t be participating this year because I can’t guarantee I will be able to follow-through on my end. Good luck though.

  15. I’m in! And I won’t even make you cry before you put your make up on. :)

  16. I think this is the BEST IDEA EVER! So much nicer than the gift exchanges and the holiday cards. Please count us in!

    • *Jodi! Read the instructions. Pamela asked you for some information. *

      e-mail: kolchakpuggle (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Oh, what a sweet idea. Would love to participate!

  18. I love this idea! You are wonderful for introducing it to everyone.

  19. Ooh! Me too, me too!

  20. Where have I been? (oh wait . .playing with kittens!!) I love this idea, please include me!!

  21. I already entered, but just wanted to tell you I love this idea. :)

  22. I think it’s a great idea, too! It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve “made” someone’s day with a thoughtful comment. Count me in. (I’ll send you my info later.)

  23. What a fine idea…I would love to participate…Please match Gizmo & me up so we can share in the love and good wishes

  24. I must join this,what a amazing idea!!! This will give lots of bloggers constant little gifts that will make them feel just as good as if they got something. Im putting this on my bloggey for surez!

  25. This is such a great idea, I love it. Please count me in!

  26. Great idea! Count me in! (Meant to do this the other day and got distracted by something shiny…)
    This is so much better than gifts. I’m not super big on actual gift exchanging. Much prefer this idea!
    jackiebouchard AT hotmail DOT com

  27. This is such a lovely idea!
    email: milothesmall(@)gmail(.)com

  28. That is the most amazing idea, I love it! Looking forward to seeing all my pet bloggers!

  29. Great idea!! Please include us :)

  30. Yes, yes please sign me up! I love this idea. Thank you for inviting us :)

  31. Can I please still sign up? This sounds great!

  32. Hello-
    What a cool idea. I’d like to join too.

  33. Totally great idea and into paying it forward. Four paws up, I am in!

  34. Sounds like a great idea. It will also help increase followers.

  35. I’m in!


  36. You always have the best ideas. I’m in!

  37. I’m soooo bookmarking your site! Great idea, count me in!!

  38. This is a great idea! I’d love to be included :)

  39. Hi, I just saw this post and if it’s not too late to join I’d love to jump in!

  40. Hey Honey, Jet here.

    Spectacular idea. Mom has affirmations on sticky notes throughout the house. Please include us. :)

  41. I’ve just seen Dakota’s lovely post about Kirby so thought I’d pop over to say hi. I would love to be involved in this too!
    My bloggy is:
    and my email is:

    Thank you:-)

  42. Sounds like fun. I’ll give it a go!

  43. Hello! Just read about this wonderful event on Dakota’s Den. If it’s not too late to join, I would love to take part! My email is and my blog is There are links to my social networks on te blog if you need those too. Thanks!

  44. It’s a great thing that you’re doing to pair people up. It will increase our blog world

  45. Great idea. We will be watching. Happy holidays.

    • Thanks for pairing us. Our partner let us know, but we might have deleted your email. If you can send again and we will check our spam folder.

  46. What a great idea – is it too late to join please?

    • Glad you want to join the fun.

      I’ll match you up as soon as we get another person to sign on. Or, if you would like to partner with a blogger you know, let me know and I’ll sign you both up.

  47. I would love to join, if it’s not too late! Sorry, I only just heard about it. It sounds like a great idea!
    My blog is on blogger, and is
    Hope it isn’t too late, and thank you for organizing this!

    • Hi Hannah,

      I’m still having people sign on. I’ll match you up as soon as I have another blogger.

      Glad you’re willing to join us.

  48. Oh no! Did I miss the deadline?

  49. Hi Pamela,

    Sorry I’m so late to this party, but if you have anyone still looking for a match let me know I’d love to participate in your Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. I hope everything is well with you and you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

    Take care,

    • I waited a while to see if a last minute person snuck in but I’m afraid we got all our matches done.

      It was a really popular event so I’ve already put it on my calendar to announce next year after Thanksgiving. Make a note on your calendar so you can get in on the fun.


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