There’s Gold at the End of the Tunnel – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the Golden Retriever is the gold at the end of the tunnel.

So that would make me the light at the end of the tunnel, right?


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  1. Lovely photos!

  2. Ah Honey, not just light – you are gold too 😉

  3. Yes Honey…it does for sure.

  4. YEs that’s YOU. Seems that your Golden Fur got lighter. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. You are lighting the gold!

  6. Exactly!

  7. I’m glad Honey enjoys tunnels. Bogie, apparently, is claustrophobic. He had the same reaction to tunnels at the dog park as he did too being closed in a carrier. Took one look and went the other way.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. What a neat spot to take a photo!

  10. Awww! What a perfect shot… it does look like the light is emanating from Honey!

  11. Indeed. You even look like you’re faintly glowing.

  12. That shot is gold. Happy WW Honey X Talent Hounds

  13. Oh, I would definitely go toward the light if it looked like that! :)

  14. Only a golden can make a graffiti covered pipe look pretty. :-)

  15. Yes you are the light.

  16. You are the gold and the light at the end of the tunnel :) Happy WW!

  17. You are exactly right Honey!

  18. I didn’t know the light would be that lovely!!

  19. Honey, you need to sit in a pot.