The Windblown Golden Retriever – Wordless Wednesday

Honey knows she’s beautiful. People tell her all the time.

I wonder if my windblown golden retriever ever has doubts.

Honey the golden retriever on a windy day at the Skipjack Races.

Honey: I was always so beautiful. Now I get knots in my ear fur every time you take me somewhere.
Pam: Get used to it, Honey. It’s the life of a sailing dog.

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Your Turn: Today my husband Mike turns 52 years old. Check out his hilarious guest posts on Something Wagging: Just Let It GoThe Way They GoA Honey of a NameThe Dog, The Universe, and Me; and Glad To Meat You. And feel free to share a birthday wish with him in the comments. He’ll love seeing his name in print when he comes to read this post.

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  1. HA! Knots in our ears is definitely a golden trait! BOL!

  2. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday, Sailor Mike!

  3. Maybe keep the ear fluff trimmed short?

    This rainy/cloudy weather of late must be adding to the bad hair days!

  4. I’m ordering a comb from Amazon today that Jax’s old groomer recommended I use for that same spot behind the ears. How’s life on the boat?

    • Please report if you find it works. I might need a new tool. :)

      And ask me about life on a boat after we figure out if Joaquin pays us a visit. Thinking of you too on the coast.

  5. Happy Birthday, Mike! I hope you have a wonderful and wind-filled day to help you sail into a brand new year and this new adventure in your life. Pamela, you and Honey both look great with wind-blown doos! :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    May your sailing days be happy,
    Don’t fall in the sea, that would be crappy,
    Happy Birthday to you!

  7. Happy birthday! And Honey, you are always gorgeous!

  8. I noticed no one has called you Captain Mike.

  9. Happy Birthday to Mike. It looks a bit chilly there along the water. Stay warm, Honey!

  10. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

  11. Ohh yeah- we can totally relate to the whole knots in the ear thing! Happy Birthday to Mike!

  12. I hadn’t thought about that in a long time; I always felt so bad when my previous Aussie mix carter would get the tanglies behind his ears. There’s just something about that spot (and for him the back of his rear legs) that were hard to keep untangled.

  13. Piranha Banana says:

    I see too beauties in the photo – thanks for sharing!

  14. I’m not surprised she is stunning!

  15. I’m sure she has no doubts that she’s beautiful!
    I get knots around my ears much sooner than anywhere else because the hair there is much softer and finer.

  16. May the wind always be in your sails. And ♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪ to the captain. :)

  17. This is such a pretty picture of you. I love your smile.

    • Thanks, Kimberly. It’s not my fave. But my husband tells me I’m always doing my best smile when Honey is in the picture.

      I’m sure you understand as well. :)

  18. The hair behind Callie’s ears used to get horribly knotted at times. I always kept a spray bottle of detangler handy in the house for the worst knots. (It worked great for Kissy, too!) My current detangler spray is from Furminator, though I’d been buying Lambert Kay products since Kissy was a puppy. I just couldn’t find the LK stuff at PetSmart last time I needed it. I usually used my fingers to get the tangles and knots loosened up because it pulled less than with a comb and was less stressful for both them and me. Shadow, thank goodness, doesn’t get the tangles that badly…and Ducky not at all. :-)

    • I’m perpetually trying to loosen knots in Honey’s fur with my fingers. But somehow they form faster than I can find them.

      I’ll have to give detangler a thought.

  19. Edie Chase says:

    Happy really belated Birthday Mike!!! I’m just catching up now on the posts.