The Weight Loss With a Wag Book Tour

Peggy Frezon Book TourSomething Wagging This Way Comes is honored to be a stop on the Weight Loss With a Wag Book Tour. Author Peggy Frezon has recently published Dieting with My Dog, the true story of how she and her dog, Kelly, slimmed down together.

Today Peggy’s stopping by to answer the burning questions we all want to know.

Since this is a virtual tour, there’s no undrinkably sweet white wine and dried out canapes from the local grocery store. So let’s hear from Peggy herself.

What do you most hope your readers will gain from reading Dieting with My Dog?

I’m hoping my readers will gain an understanding that they’re not alone. I realize many other pet parents struggle with their own weight, and/or their pet’s weight, and I hope they will relate to Kelly’s and my challenges and triumphs. Even if they don’t have weight to lose, I think dog lovers will see themselves in the bond between me and Kelly.

Some pets gain weight because their people use treats to show love. What advice would you give someone who wants to show affection to her dog without killing him with kindness?

Oh, I so know what you mean. That is exactly what I was doing. Whenever Kelly sat, stayed, turned around or looked cute, I’d give her a treat. I love her so much, I thought she deserved these treats. But what I learned was, Kelly didn’t deserve fattening treats…instead, she deserved for me to love her and keep her healthy……and to keep myself healthy too. Some changes I made were offering healthy treats (such as baby carrots) and rewarding Kelly with extra play time instead of food.

What suggestions can you make to a human dieter looking to show kindness to herself in ways other than eating comfort food?

This is so important, because I used to love to reward myself with pancakes! The best alternatives are ones that appeal to senses other than taste. Pamper yourself with a massage or mani/pedi (a less expensive alternative is exchanging manicures with a friend), curl up with a good book, buy a soft scarf or some pretty flowers to enjoy.

What has been the most exciting thing so far about publishing Dieting with My Dog?

The first most exciting thing was getting an agent, because it showed that someone, besides my friends and family, believed in me. I recently did an interview with the BBC and that was fun and exciting too!

I have to know: Boxers or Briefs? Or put another way–if you were going to bring another dog home today, would he be medium to large like a Boxer? Or brief like a Shih Tzu, Dachshund, or Chihuahua?

BOL. I can honestly say you are the only one to ask me this question! Most of my dogs so far have been “boxer” sized, but Kelly is more “brief” sized…actually, she is somewhere in between. And I think she is just about right. So I’d have to say, boxer-briefs.

Thank you, Peggy, for including us on the tour.

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Who knows? Roxanne might be just the writer to pry those deep dark secrets out of Peggy.

Americans are looking forward to their Thanksgiving feast next week. When the table is groaning with yummy food, do you and your dog try to practice moderation? Or do you eat what you like and pay the price later?


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  1. a weighty issue indeed. one day, i might get brave and show you a picture of my post-holiday belly. i’m excellent at managing Georgia’s diet and hopeless at my own. speaking of which, i’ve only had one cream cake this week. what a good girl i am.

  2. Thanks for being a stop on the tour today! Kelly and I are now going to get outside and play in the leaves!

  3. I try to indulge just a bit. More veggies on the plate then anything else and small amounts of the decadent stuff.

    Lately my biggest vice has been Skittles. I need to get off the Skittles.

  4. Boxer-briefs. A very diplomatic response!

    It’s so exciting Peggy was able to get her book published! I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. I have no doubt many, many people can relate to her story and will find the lessons she shares incredibly useful.

  5. I don’t know how anyone can manage to lose weight when they’re trying to – I sooo want pancakes now! lol Thank you for interviewing Peggy about her experiences, they’re so very helpful and her advice so applicable to real lives. Relating as a pet parent, regardless of weight issues, makes the book a wonderful read. Boxer-briefs. Ha! Love it :)

  6. :) trying to get my doggie to gain weight. I’m on the road to weight loss.

  7. Great interview!!

  8. My dogs are my personal trainers–they won’t take no for an answer with respect to getting out and doing stuff. Sandy has me running up and down stairs now–gets her tired, and doesn’t hurt me either. This book looks like a great read.

  9. Very interesting questions Pamela!

  10. I try to find a happy medium, largely because we have SO many family gatherings to go to! I try to remind myself that there’s no need to overindulge because there’s going to be another big meal coming soon. Often easier said than done!

  11. I totally eat what I want and then take it easy for the next couple of days. Actually, we eat pretty healthy six days a week, but on the seventh day one I eat as much as I want of whatever I want. About six months ago I was craving doughnuts … so I had four for breakfast. I haven’t even considered eating another doughnut since. :-)