The Things We Do For Dog

I hate spending money on myself. But I don’t mind spending it on my dog.

I’m cheap but…

  • Golden Retriever

    Having me has really brought your decorating style down. Who'd keep a bike trailer in her living room?

    I have holes in my underwear. But Honey has a new leather leash.

  • I don’t want to pay for a car, gas, or insurance.  But I have a $400 Doggy Ride bicycle cart that Honey won’t ride in.
  • I have no television or cell phone. But I have high-speed internet, two computers, and a wireless modem so I can blog about Honey.
  • I haven’t had a medical check up in 23 years and went for 10 years without seeing a dentist.  But Honey never misses a wellness appointment. And when asked if we could afford thousands of dollars for her squeaky toyectomy, I didn’t even blink.
  • I love being a renter. But I own a house so the landlord can never say Honey has to go.
  • A full size bed fits more comfortably in our room. But only a queen mattress allows enough room for Honey to visit on the bed in the morning.
  • I hate shopping. But I rented a car to take Honey to the Pet Expo at the local mall.
  • I don’t see the need to buy books when we have a great public library. But I own an entire shelf of dog training books.
  • Replacing the carpet on the stairs would be cheaper. But I’m getting the treads refinished so Honey doesn’t get her toenails caught in loops of pile.
  • I eat beans and rice. Honey eats lightly cooked, meat-based meals.
  • I’d have more money in the bank. But I’ve never hesitated to spend money if it means Honey will be healthier, happier, or have a better life with us.


And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Where are the areas in your life where the animals make out better than you do? Any regrets?

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  1. Yup. We are sisters for sure! Oh good Lord! The things we do for our dogs! :)

  2. Yup, the dogs get seen to way before we do and no, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We also arrange our lives around them. For example, the Dachsie has been recovering from back issues so I stay with her during the day and run errands after the hubby can get home to watch her. Changed my entire schedule around to do that. Our bed’s on the floor, we have ramps and doggy gates, lol. I don’t travel because they don’t travel well and yes, they go to the dentist more than I do! But that’s what my job is. That’s the position I accepted when I took them in and anyone who does anything less is shirking a responsibility to an animal that would do anything for them and that’s just bad in my book.

  3. Sounds familiar. The dogs and cats will have their needs met, and I will do what I can to meet their wants. That’s what was so amazing about the shopping spree I recently won- the high-end mall didn’t have ONE pet store, so I HAD to spend it all on me. I think the Universe had a message for me.

  4. It’s so true. The only things I have purchased for myself lately are related to the dog in some way. Like the new coat I picked up last week to make it easier to walk her in the rain for longer. Or the comfortable walking shoes I purchased several weeks ago for the same purpose. Or the sweatshirt with pockets I bought last month to make it easier to carry around training treats. When you look at my monthly budget, after bills and rent, I am pretty sure everything else goes to the pets. Ah well. Sure and I could probably go on a vacation or save money for a house, but no tropical holiday or mortgage payment would ever make me nearly as happy.

    I didn’t know about Honey’s hospital visit before. I am so glad she was okay!

  5. Oh, yes. My type A personality party throwing sister recently visited; my house was less than pristine, my couch, floor pillows, newspapers all belong to the dogs. Her comment? “Well, I guess you want to live this way.” OK – could be more organized…but the dogs stay. I look forward someday to again being a renter but only because I know landlords who allow dogs :). The last books I bought were dog books (The Lost Dogs and John Bradshaw’s book on dog behavior) but non-dog books anymore are from the library (which is gorgeous). I want to work more shifts to 1) pay off bills and 2) start riding horses again (not always in that order!).
    Am planning a trip in September now I have some dog sitters available along with an awesome kennel to board the bigs. I want to go to Chincoteague but most likely will go home to SD to see friends and family I haven’t seen in years…because I don’t travel with this many dogs dependent on me.
    Awesome post – our priorities are different but no less viable than others. Rock on, Pamela :).

  6. LOL ain’t it the truth!

  7. Umm….most of the above! I also purchase the $5 shampoo for myself but get the $10-$15 bottles for my dogs. :)

  8. Love this! And so true…I need to get my hair cut but instead I’m buying a larger dog bed for the living room…

  9. Perfect! I lived with pain for 7 days before I gave in and went to the Dr., but the first sign I see that Cali isn’t feeling well . .off to the vet!

    I also always make sure she gets daily exercise, eats right, and takes her vitamins- something I don’t seem to be able to do for myself :)

  10. I’d have a lot more money in the bank, too! And new carpet…

  11. Sounds familiar. :)

  12. What a timely post. This was overheard earlier today at the grocery store:

    the hubby: Let’s get these New York Strip Steak for the BBQ tonight.
    me: Are you kidding me? They’re $11.00/lb. We’re not spending that on meat. Get the top sirloins. They’re on sale.
    the hubby: You just spent $12.00/lb on elk for Felix. What is the difference.
    me: That’s for Feeeeeelix. *You’re* getting the $6.00 top sirloin.

    LOL, poor hubby. The pets here at Casa de Kolchak totally get the red carpet treatment. Felix’s allergies mean he gets all sorts of exotic pricey meats. Every now and again, when asked what to make for dinner, the hubby will say he wants whatever the dogs are having.

  13. You can’t help but to spoil them- especially when they are so cute! 😉

  14. Yep. Frankie and I both need dental work, but he’s getting his teeth fixed first because I know I’m not in pain but I’m not sure whether he is or not.

  15. All seems perfectly normal.

  16. You sound like The Other Half. I’m a little more…sensible? However, money aside, this is how I spent my Sunday.

    Cooking Georgia’s chicken, packing and freezing them for the week.
    Cooking her lentils, packing and freezing them for the week,
    Bathing her (after The Other Half squeezed her bum).
    Doing her laundry.
    And of course, typing for her.

    It’s a dog’s life.

  17. my polka dot princess naturally gets the royal treatment… cici demands it LOL… she likes her comforts and FOOD is high on her priority list… we did take her shoppin the other day, every time I got out of the car, she jumped into my seat and waited for me to return. spoiled brat!

  18. Love it!

  19. LOL which I actually did because I have holes in my underwear too, but Sampson and Delilah eat raw food.

    I didn’t know about Honey’s toyectomy and have to admit my guys love to pull those squeakers from the toys. I will definitely have to be more diligent in not letting them eat the tops!

    Thanks for the laugh, have a great weekend!

  20. So true… and they’re worth every penny. :)

  21. Hello – I am here via the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, which looks really great. I have two cats – both tabbies, a boy called Jazz and a girl called Daisy. Life without them would be sad, unhappy and no fun.

  22. LOL! I love this! I eat peanut and jelly sandwiches so the dogs can get the good stuff!
    I bought a huge SUV so the dogs could fit comfortably in the back, enough though I would rather drive a Volkswagen Bug!
    But they are soooo worth it!

  23. Mike Webster says:

    From The Husband:
    All I can say is that you people are totally nuts, and that it’ll be a cold day in a hot place before I ever marry someone that totally. . . well, uhhh. . . never mind. :)