The Story of My Life in 1000 Words or Less

Golden Retriever in Bicycle Cart

I'm all for pet travel but does it have to be by bicycle? How about a limousine?

If you haven’t heard, I’m the new Pet Travel contributor over at A Traveler’s Library. And today, the grand poobah blogger extraordinaire who runs the joint, Vera Marie Badertscher, has dug into my back story.

You’ll find her interview with me here.

What will you learn in the interview that I haven’t already shared in my many self-absorbed self-reflective posts here at Something Wagging?

  • why European campgrounds are vastly superior to American ones
  • who Savonarola was and how he died (I always have to be such a smarty-pants, don’t I?)
  • and how I learned everything about investing in real estate without making a profit.

Oh, and you’ll also learn what I’ll be up to in Salt Lake City in June.

I hope you’ll check it out and leave a comment.

And come back each month for reviews of books related to pet-travel.

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  1. Investing without making a profit–now that is something I might have written. :-)

    • I wish you had, Jan. I actually spent time in Borders looking for information on writing up an equity sharing agreement and discovered everyone who wrote about real estate was all about making a killer profit. Who knew?

      I guess my shock and surprise explains alot about why I’ve never made any money in my life.

  2. Thank you writing about this.

  3. I never knew you were Such A Good Person, Pamela Webster :) Interesting life so far, and about to get more so. Hope Honey is finding her sea (and bike car) legs!

  4. Loved the interview! I know you bring a breath of fresh air wherever you go, though!

  5. OK – I may start camping again but only in Europe; here, I like a motel with grass.

    Super interview – what we don’t know about one another! I’ve always thought we Americans in general were a bit too insulated from the rest of the world despite the huge variety of the States.

  6. Whoops…a typo. I’m pretty sure that was supposed to read “the great Pooh Bear.”

  7. Wow! Study in Europe huh? WAY cool!

  8. Great interview Pamela. I hope you have a lot of fun with that column. You’ll do an excellent job. I hope you’ll be able to find an excuse to take an awesome trip too!

  9. Great interview and nice, as always, to get to know you a bit better. So cool that you got to finish your history degree in the places you were studying. And I hate camping stateside, but throw me in a tent in Europe with a campsite pub, and I think I might learn to like it. :)

    Btw, on paper you have SO much in common with my older brother – he is a history major (albeit in a military college), a sailing enthusiast (would be happy to live on a sailboat, and has), traveled across Europe toward the end of college, and after he did his obligatory time in the navy, promptly turned down several corp.-type job offers and snatched a job working for Boy Scouts of America. Other than that, unlike you, he’s impulsive, still a kid, prefers cats to dogs, and can’t commit to anything. But I bet you’d have some interesting conversations. 😉

  10. Wonderful interview, Pamela. What an interesting life you’re leading. And what a great topic to be speaking about at Blog Paws! I hope someone does a podcast of it, not that I know anything about podcasting but I’d love to be able to hear what you have to say somehow:)