The Sound Of His Bark

I’m glad Honey doesn’t bark much.

When people come to the door, she’s silent. When a neighborhood cat visits us on the porch, nothing. Even the Jack Russell and his beagle brother who bark at everyone who walks by their house don’t get a rise out of her.

But one sound gets Honey barking every time.

When she hears the sound of HIS bark, she goes nuts.

Who is he?

He is Riley the studly golden retriever.

Riley the golden retriever sits in his yard.

In the real estate listing: House features winter golden retriever view.

Love Is In The Air

Riley lives three doors away. We could see his back yard from our house if the trees and shrubs weren’t a little overgrown.

But even if Honey can’t see Riley, she can hear him. And she knows his bark from every other bark in the neighborhood.

When she hears it, her ears perk up. She goes running down the steps. And she calls out to him: “Woof, woof, wooooooooooof.”

She sounds desperate.

Honey the golden retriever puppy meets another golden.

Riley: “Hi there, Baby.” Honey: “I’m overwhelmed by your masculine energy. Whatever that means.”

But Riley never replies. He couldn’t care less that she’s talking to him.

I’m starting to wonder if he might be gay.

Don’t All Barks Sound Alike

Riley has a new neighbor. The people who live next to him have adopted a big dog.

I hear him bark sometimes. And if Riley is outside he barks back.

I can’t tell the difference between these two big dogs barking. Unless I look at Honey.

If the new dog barks, she doesn’t even perk up an ear. But if Riley responds, there she goes.

Riley the golden retriever.

C’mon, Baby. You know you want it.

If He Barks, I’ll Go Running

Sometimes Riley barks from the front yard. While his people are doing things around the house, they’ll let him hang out on the porch and say hello to people and their dogs walking by.

The next time Honey alerts to a bark that sounds like it’s coming from the front yard, I’ll grab her leash and head over.

Maybe he’ll be up for a little game of chase in the front yard.

But if he’s not interested, Honey at least deserves to hear it from his own mouth.

Honey the golden retriever puppy follows Riley.

I’d follow you anywhere. Especially since you have my favorite toy.

Your Turn: Does your dog react to barks? All barks or just a few special ones?



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  1. Jessica says:

    I’m lucky in that my dog never barks either, until recently. There are two large male dogs in the neighborhood that she barks at whenever she sees them, even if they’re not looking at her. It’s been so weird, I don’t know if it’s a warning or a “Look at me!”

  2. Honey’s in L-O-V-E….
    Maggie never ever barks, but she does react to barks…she hates them Jack’s don’t bother her, but out on walks they kind of freak her out. Jack only barks occasionally, and he is unphased by other dog’s barks.

  3. Blueberry seldom barks. And when she does if I tell her, “Okay, I’ve got this.”, she’ll usually pipe down.

    Awww, Honey has a crush! He’s probably just used to the ladies falling all over themselves for him and so he just basks in the attention and is too studly to respond. He’s like the dog version of Fonzie. :)

  4. The corgi breed is known for being barkers and my guys do nothing to disavow that notion!

  5. He’s cute! I’m not surprised Honey wants to play!
    I know which dogs are barking. I ignore some because they bark at nothing, but with others I perk my ears up (as best I can – they’re floppy!) and want to go outside and check things out.

  6. We all have our own bark situations. Mom can tell who is barking as far as our neighborhood goes because we all have different voices. Actually, Bailie and I don’t bark much, we do more howling, but it is more like a fog horn, not like a high pitched Beagle.

  7. That’s really interesting! I am not surprised dogs can tell the difference, they know how to listen much better than we silly humans, but it is fascinating to me that Honey shows such an interest in Riley over all others. Was he the first golden retriever she met? Does she play with him more than other dogs? Curious indeed.

    I used to wonder if dogs knew or cared anything about breeds and if they bond better with dogs of the same breed. I used to think so but I only have anecdotal evidence from one dog that is incredibly biased. With my current mutt there is no way to tell. She does have breed preferences in her park buddies but it seems to have more to do with energy levels and play styles than anything else.

  8. Oh how cute! My dog is thankfully not much of a barker, either. We live in an apartment complex, and every now and then we’ll hear a bunch of the neighbor dogs barking, which of course gets even more dogs riled up. Our dog usually has nothing to say about this, but every now and then he’ll add one, short “Wuff.”

    We laugh when he does this, almost making fun of him. “Oh, you had to put in your two cents, huh, boy?” we say.

  9. So sweet! Maya only barks when Pierson barks. It’s funny because Maya has no idea what she’s barking it.

  10. My dog doesn’t respond to barks, but she does bark when she hears the fedex or UPS truck. I get deliveries often and she loves to greet the delivery drivers at the door. Even if I don’t get a delivery and she hears his truck on my block.

  11. Both of mine react to barks, but for Mity it depends where he is. If he’s in a house or garden he will bark if he hears another bark, however if he is out walking and someone barks at them he just looks at them as if to say “what’s all the fuss about?”.

    BD will bark if someone barks at him, but with lots of hard work his bark has changed from ‘let me at ’em’ to ‘don’t you bark at me, I will bark at you’.

  12. Edie Chase says:

    My dog loves to bark! But it’s almost always for a reason, the strange person walking down the street, the UPS truck and sometimes at other dogs. Thankfully she very rarely barks at cats or squirrels even though they are fun to chase if she has that chance.

  13. Sounds to me that Honey wants him, she wants him baaaddd! Such a cute story. Do they ever get to play together? Don’t forget to let us know what happens if you end up taking Honey over to meet the new dog. Harley has a similar “thang” going on with the Doberman in the backyard. They haven’t officially met either!

  14. I rarely bark and don’t take part in the barkathon that goes on between our neighbours either. But think it’s sweet honey reponds to Riley:-)

  15. That is so cute! I hope he doesn’t reject Honey and break her heart if you take her over there. :)
    Cricket and Luke bark at everything….Luke is actually worse than Cricket the beagle if you can believe that! We have dogs in our neighborhood but they aren’t real close….but if one barks they all chime in. But most of them (including ours) don’t carry on for very long. I make ours come in the house if they don’t want to stop.

  16. Our dogs bark at anything from people walking down the sidewalk to leaves falling from the trees, so I’m not sure if they know the difference between all the neighbor dogs. They do, however, seem to get stuck in noise feedback loops where one barks, then the other barks, and it continues on and on until I distract them with food.

    Honey sounds like she’s pretty into Riley, though. What a sweet girl!