The Return of the Honey

Finally, after two long weeks, Honey is off strict rest orders from the vet. Now I’m back to regular methods of tiring her out: food dispensing toys, long walks, play dates with other dogs, and, of course, kayaking.

I wanted to be especially certain to get another kayak trip in during the the waning days of summer. Just to make sure she didn’t forget how much fun it is during the long Finger Lakes winter. What do you think, is she having a good time?

Golden Retriever Puppy in a Kayak

Sure, I'll go kayaking. Just don't expect me to paddle.

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  1. You made it! Congrats!! :))

  2. Thanks! Two weeks is a long time to store up energy. I’m just glad Honey didn’t capsize the kayak with her excitement.

  3. Great picture of two very happy creatures!