The Puppiness Project – What Is It?

Golden Retriever Puppy Chewing Stuffed Toy

Dr. Honey Says a Puppy is Good For What Ails You (Oh Yeah, and Chewing a Stuffed Toy, Too)

With shorter days, colder temps and gray skies I find my ambitions sapped. I sometimes wonder if I should curl up in bed, eat fattening food and watch bad movies until warmer weather arrives (which in my hometown is only about 6 days in June through mid-August).

But if I don’t want to lose months of my life, I better do something. And so I’m launching my Puppiness Project.

Stolen from Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, my Puppiness Project is an attempt to learn my dog’s secrets for being truly content. And then to incorporate them into my life.

Each Monday, I’ll reflect on ways our animal relationships make us more active and engaged with life and just help us become better human beings (if we let them). I’ve never been very good at living the life lessons of Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and Jesus Christ. Maybe I’ll do better with living the life lessons of Spot, Buster, and Honey.

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