The Poopiness Project – What Dogs Really Have to Teach Us

Honey the Golden Retriever

I’ll teach you everything I know. Let’s start with cat poop.

Yes, dogs have a lot to teach us about joy and acceptance and hope.

But they also have lessons on stinks, roadkill, and poop. Am I learning everything I can from dogs?

What Your Dog Really Wants You To Know

Watch your dog to learn these valuable lessons:

♥ Ignore the TV if no dogs are on it.

♥ There’s no feeling like ripping a big stinky on the couch.

♥ Why do dogs lick their balls? Because it feels good. Duh!

♥ If you really like someone, get as close as possible. If your nose is still feeling fur when you sniff a butt, go a bit deeper.

♥ It feels good to bark. Let it out!

If it was good the first time, it will be even better the second. No vomit left behind is my motto.

♥ A little snow never hurt anyone. Go dance around in it.

Mail carriers are not to be trusted. Until they produce treats.

♥ Go ahead and roll on that dead mouse carcass. You won’t smell like anyone else. Unique is good.

♥ Humans don’t walk far or fast enough anymore. Pull on that leash. Maybe they’ll get the message.

♥ Cat poop in one word: delicious!

♥ Lightning storms are scary. Only an idiot would ignore them.

♥ Squirrels are evil minions of Satan.

Not everyone is covered in fur. Share the wealth. Shed.

♥ Why sit on the floor when there’s a nice comfy couch?

If your person’s butt is covered by the blankets when you share the bed, you’re doing something wrong.

♥ Nothing on the Internet is better than sniffing a breeze on a sunny day.

What lessons does your dog most want to teach you?

What’s Wagging Next?

I’m thrilled to be reviewing The Things You Find on the Appalachian Trail: A Memoir of Discovery, Endurance and a Lazy Dog for Pet Travel Thursday on November 15. This book was highly recommended and reading it I can see why.

The author’s canine companion, Rufus, is a fearful Shar-Pei, Lab mix. And, good news, he is alive and kicking at the end of the book. :)

So pick up your copy and join me here and at A Traveler’s Library for the review.




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  1. There are some very good points there! I always try to ensure that everyone I meet has their appearance improved by a few white hairs.

  2. How about, “It might *not* be an axe murderer at the door, but bark like it is one anyway. Just in case.” Or, “Sharing is for kids in kindergarten. That ball is MINE.”

    Maybe Our Best Friend is less relaxed than Honey… He does share the fur though.

  3. Loved this blog post but here are my thoughts:
    1) I don’t watch TV…dogs or not…I never look at it!
    2) I don’t fart…Mom does enough of that for ALL of us (yep I said MOM and NOT Dad. Mom is the farter in our house)
    3) I LOVE to get in everyone’s face! I can’t get close enough
    5) I don’t like snow. It messes with my luxurious fur
    6) Mail carriers are my nemesis…treats or NOT
    7) Lightening storms ARE scary!!
    8) They keep the cat poop in our house safely baby-gated away so I have never had the pleasure of enjoying it

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. I love this post! I am grinning like mad. I think my dogs are in strong agreement. I’ve actually read that book, and it is fantastic! It was quite an adventure they had.

  5. Delilah would say any food or food container that is not in its proper place is fair game and that it doesn’t matter whose yard it is, if it’s outside then it’s free to whichever dog gets there first.

    They would also agree with Caren above that I am the farter in the house.

    Lovely post Pamela, a nice smiling start to Tuesday.

  6. Honey is wise beyond her years isn’t she? Why is cat poop so delicious? We call them kitty crap snacks :) Have a great day!!

  7. Too cute. I am so glad my dog is the exception to some of these rules! The lesson she has been trying to teach me? “Why walk, when you can run?”

    I am looking forward to reading your review of the book!

  8. Bogie says
    Kiss everyone you meet, you never know when your love will be returned.
    Refuse to walk if your harness isn’t fastened correctly (maybe the humans will learn eventually).
    When you’re bored and need attention, nothing beats jumping on the lap when your human is typing at the computer.

  9. Oh my dog. That’s quite the comprehensive list. Um. Um. Thanks for sharing? 😉

  10. The wisdom of dogs never ceases to amaze me. That is a great list.

  11. I would like to add to that list:
    – there is no such thing as too many treats!
    – food is not for sharing, unless it is yours!
    – if you make us go out in the rain, we will keep you out in it for as long as possible sniffing every blade of grass, it is your fault we are there!
    – I am allowed to wake you up to attend to my needs, but please don’t wake a snoozing pup!

    What ya think? BOL

  12. Wow – I agree with about just about everything on that list. Nicely said. Only thing is, don’t be afraid of lightning Honey. I tell our girls that all the time. Believe me, I’m no idiot, I’m just a dog like you – and you have nothing to be afraid of you. You have nice peoples and a dry home to keep you safe!

  13. Thought this post was very funny! And so true…my dog especially liked the part about ‘no vomit left behind’.