The Office – Dog Rescue

A dog left in a car on a sunny day. What do you do?

Don’t take your advice from the crew at The Office.

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  1. Haha!! That’s not what I was expecting! I thought the video was going to be about them just ignoring it! Whew!!!! Well at least they are getting the message across that it is NOT right to leave a dog in a hot car….and have a plan if you decide to break them out! I don’t watch The Office much, but when I do it cracks me up!

    I have to admit that I have thought about breaking someone’s window more than once when I have seen a dog locked in a hot car. It always seems like they park next to me on purpose to see what I will do. I haven’t broken any windows yet but I have had people paged in the store, which always gets me some dirty looks when they return to their car and I am sitting in mine staring at them:)

  2. I have to admit that if Jen hadn’t commented, I would have been afraid to watch! I like that “Michael Vick” has become code for “dog abuser” in popular culture. All in all, an encouraging — and funny — treatment of the topic.

  3. This is such a classic show, no laugh track and a truly talented group of writers and actors. I think this sequence will make people more aware of dogs in cars because who can forget that final picture?

  4. Lol, we don’t get this programme. If we did I’d watch it if it’s all like this:) I’ve never actually had to rescue a dog from a hot car. Sometimes I have a hard time convincing Frankie and Beryl that it’s in their best interests to stay home rather than come in the car with me on hot days.

  5. I find this clip rather odd. the “gang” vandalizes the car three different times and then end up leaving the dog in the car because nobody really wants to take responsibility for the animal they just liberated. My just-in-case-dog-freeing-tool? A monster huge crowbar in the truck 😀

  6. I don’t watch the office, but I can appreciate the clip! It is really good that they are educating the public about such a serious issue.

  7. Thanks so much for the laugh!!

  8. I watch The Office and thought this was funny! But, I was bothered that they still left the dog in the hot car with just a few holes poked in the cardboard. I don’t think that would be enough to keep the dog cool if it was a really hot day. I was screaming at the TV. “Let it out, I’ll take care of the dog!”
    p.s. thanks for the nice catch on my blog today!

  9. Too funny. I never really got into the show; it might be better in short sequences like this one. I’d like to think this will make someone change their mind about taking their dog with them to the grocery store. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Rainn Wilson pours a drink through AN OPEN SUNROOF. Why couldn’t they reach in and grab the dog? Why break a window???

    And did anyone rescue the dude? :)

    • that’s what we kept saying! we were like, UM HELLO??? the sunroof is open, you don’t need to break the window. it was pretty funny, but then i got all mad when they just left the dog there anyway. they should have taken it to dunder mifflin. would’ve been a great show!

  11. I love that show!! They’re always getting into crazy situations!