The Nose Knows – K9 Nose Work

I can never walk far enough or fast enough to tire a dog. But if there’s a lot to smell? Ahhh, that’s another matter.

I’ve learned that when Honey comes home tired from a walk, it’s entirely due to the work she’s put into catching all the scents on the ground and in the air. And with dozens of dogs in our neighborhood, that’s a lot of p-mail to review.

When our local SPCA announced they were going to offer K9 Nose Work classes, I signed Honey up. Classes start next week and there’s room for two more dogs to participate.

Here’s a quick look at what K9 Nose Work looks like, thanks to The Bark magazine:

I can’t wait to learn more and see how Honey enjoys it!

In other news–I completed the NaBloPoMo Challenge and posted everyday in November! Hallelujah! Thanks to everyone who was so encouraging and who left comments. It’s great to know so many interesting animal lovers are out there reading and to see the other fun blogs.

It’s time to sign up in December if you want to to challenge yourself.

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  1. This class sounds like a lot of fun. A local trainer in our area offered outdoor tracking classes this past fall but we were too busy with agility classes at the same time and couldn’t sign up. Hopefully she will offer them again. I look forward to reading about your experiences.

    Congratulations on completing NaBlo! And good on you for posting the day after. I’m being lazy and giving myself a one day break. :-)

    • I hated to lose the momentum so I had to do one more. But I didn’t post yesterday.

      I love reading about Shiva doing agility. I hope to start it with Honey in the spring. I guess we’ll have to see if she likes it.

  2. congratulations on nablo.
    nose work sounds like a lot of fun. i haven’t heard of it here. actually, i have never heard of it before this blog post, but i haven’t heard people here talking about anything similar. i love that they don’t control how the dog reacts. looking at the different ways those four dogs react to finding the odor was entertaining. good luck and keep us posted.

    • Thanks!

      My dog Shadow, a hound mix, taught me just how stimulating sniffing can be. I feel guilty about every time I pulled a dog away from a good scent before they soaked it all in.

      Now I’m reformed!

  3. I have a feeling that Morgan would really like that class. Right now she’s working on rally, but she’s very search oriented. I’m hoping something like that opens up near here!

    I didn’t know there was a NaBloPoMo! I will have to keep an eye out for it next year! Congrats on making it!

  4. NaBloPoMo sponsors challenges every month so you can start any time. Maybe January?

    I’d love to learn more about Rally. I went to Tails and Tales (oops! Tales and Tails) to look for some Morgan rally story but didn’t see a search button (softly weeping in the background).

    I’ll poke around more this weekend.


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