The Nose Knows – Almost Wordless Wednesday

Does my dog Honey have snow nose?

Or am I just seeing pink that’s there all year around?

You tell me.

Here’s a recent winter picture of Honey. See the snow balls still clinging to her feet?

Honey the golden retriever has snow on her fur.

You want me to smile? With Lamby’s injured body not inches away?

Yeah, don’t pay any attention to the stuffie corpse in the background. We laid Lamby to rest recently and we’re all a little sad.

A close up of Honey the Golden retriever's nose.

Of course my nose is cold and damp. I just came in from playing in the snow.

It’s definitely pinkish, right?

Now here’s a summer picture of Honey.

Honey the golden retriever on a walk.

Birds-eye view shots are weird. And who’d give a bird a camera anyway?

There’s definitely a pink cast on the center. But I think there’s less of it.

Let’s look closer.

A close up of Honey the golden retriever's nose.

Smell ya later!

What do you think? Does Honey have snow nose? Or is it always pink and I just go looking for it in the winter?

Honey’s Birthday Week Surprise #2

Yesterday Honey got two new toys she adored—a squeaky crab or tick or maybe a frog. We can’t tell. And Honey doesn’t care. She just knows it squeaks.

And a blue penguin with a plastic bottle inside.

Honey the golden retriever chews on a squeaky toy.

Oh squeaky toy. Sing to me, Baby!

You shared some awesome pictures of your dogs with their favorite toys on our Facebook page. Thanks so much for coming to Honey’s party, virtually.

Today I’m planning to play nose work games with Honey. I’ll try to get some pictures but Honey is a speedy searcher and my house is very small and dark so I’m not promising anything. If you want to see Honey’s nose in action, you might have to come to Ithaca.

We loved your toy pictures. How about posting some pics of your dogs’ adorable noses? You can find our Facebook page here.

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  1. I see more pink in winter! poor lamby, to be laid to rest on Honeys Birthday week – I do hope you held a minutes silence?!

  2. Yes, definitely snow nose. Interesting.

    Maybe you can get a video of Honey doing nose work instead of pics? That’s what I’d have to do with Blueberry because she’s all over the place when we play that game.

    Lamby looks a lot like the toys after my Shadow was through with them. :) Rest in peace, Lamby.

  3. Hmmmm could be snow nose. Hard to tell in photos though
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. What a great bday crab, I have gotten toys with bottles in them and they pull out the bottles and chew the tops off, Guess I should of just gotten the bottles. Glad your having a fun week.

  5. What on earth is snow nose? The nose is cute either way.

  6. We’ve noticed Harlow’s nose is turning brown, but here in AZ it has been my experience that they just change to pink and never go back. I’d love if her nose stayed black – it stands out on her light coat.

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Well just like we come in from the cold with rosy cheeks and noses, I am sure the cold weather increases the blood flow in Honey’s face/nose for warmth too and then you notice a pinker nose. I am off to post on your FB page :-)

  8. My sister Katie has snow nose. When she was younger it wasn’t much and went away in the summer, but now it is permanently pinkish. Maybe Honey has something similar going on?

  9. Winter or Summer that nose is cute.

  10. Hmmm… I don’t know. It kinda looks like a subtle difference to me. Missed the toy pic sharing. Will have to round up a nose shot to share!

  11. I see the snow nose! I get it too!

  12. Definitely looks like snow nose to me!

  13. I think Honey does have snow nose. I’m always wondering this about Sheba as well. Right now her nose is pretty pink, but when I try to look back at photos it might be pink year round. I might have to take some close up photos at different times of the year!
    It sounds like Honey’s birthday week is going very well so far.