The Magical Mutt-Story Tour

Black Dog with a Big Smile

She had fun.

Dog in Canoe

She could float.

Dog with Ears Flyiing

And she could fly.

We adopted Honey’s predecessor, Shadow, when she was about 9 years old (give or take). We have no idea what went into the recipe but I’ve always thought I saw some shepherd in her coat and tail and some hound in her face and nose. Her bay and her intelligence (or lack thereof, she was sweet but slow) also were more hound-like.

The funny thing is Shadow had lots of dopplegangers. One we were pleased to see was Eric Goebelbecker’s Gage. And we met others around and about the neighborhood.

Dark and mysterious–who knows what beagles lurk in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows.

Thanks to bloggers Peggy Frezon, Pup Fan, and Edie Jarolim for hosting the tour.

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  1. This looks almost IDENTICAL to a dog that an old friend of mine had when we were growing up. If I remember correctly, he was a Rottweiler/Shepherd/Husky cross. In any case, your pup is gorgeous!

  2. I’d say Sheperd, but he looks like she’s got some Husky in her. Maybe even a little lab.

  3. i’ve been googling and googling but the closest i can get for shadow is labrador and german shepherd [purely from the look]. you say she’s not too intelligent though :p and both those breeds are. plus, is she wearing a coat because she can’t swim? hmmm…this is tougher than i thought it would be!

    • I searched for Shadow on google too when I adopted her. None of my pictures show her tail but it looked exactly like a German Shepherd’s.

      I never saw her try to swim but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I have a Golden Retriever now who doesn’t swim. :(

  4. I am a very bad breed guesser but that is one sweet pup. Intelligence is overrated in dogs, who don’t always use it for the good.

  5. Out of my league here, but I would guess you’ve got more than 2 breeds involved. All I have one question, “What’s a doppleganger?”!!!

    Hope to see you at my blog this weekend for the Super Dog Sunday Photo Blog Hop:

    • I don’t usually post on Sunday but I’ll certainly check out all the pups not busy watching the superbowl.

      Doppleganger is from German and refers to a ghostly spirit who resembles a living person. In recent years, it’s pretty much meant a clone or twin.

  6. I’m guessing beagle-lab-rottie. The coloring on the face is too cute. Also the ears that can fly! Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  7. Hmmm… I’m seeing German Shepherd, and maybe some beagle. :)

  8. Y’know… I really just see husky/lab… nothing screams GSD… but husky coat, coloring, ear placement and then labbie ears, face, and structure … super CUTE!

  9. I agree with Peggy, beagle-lab-rottie sounds right, with some shepherd mixed in just for fun. She sure was beautiful.

  10. Did she ever stand on top of her doghouse and bay at the moon? If so, she must be Norwegian Elkhound. (smile)

  11. Oh Shepherd for sure, with a mix of husky/rottie/hound added for personality and beauty.
    Love the ears and the eyebrows and the smile. That is a dog that enjoyed life.

  12. Oh Shepherd for sure, with a mix of husky/rottie/hound added for personality and beauty.
    Love the ears and the eyebrows and the smile. That is a dog that enjoyed life.

  13. Hmm…I’m guessing Rottie and Lab with some kind of hound in the mix, too! Whatever the mix, it definitely resulted in one really cute dog!!

  14. She is a beautie! My guess would be beagle and lab … :)

  15. I see Rottie and Husky in there! Maybe some Bernese Mountain Dog also?

  16. I think probably Shepherd and Rottie. Love the pictures. So cute.

  17. I’m so out of my comfort zone when it comes to guessing breeds. My initial thought was part Husky and I was so relieved when I scrolled down to see that in a couple other guesses as well!

    I absolutely love her ears! Fly, Shadow, Fly!

  18. I am guessing Rottweiler (the markings) and collie.

  19. Hi Pamela!

    I had to stop by and see if could take a guess. I would say Shepherd and Husky for sure, but those ears say Beagle or Lab. Was I too vague? :)

  20. One breed that has the same colours, but totally different body type, as a Rottweiler is the Bernese Mountain Dog. This girl looks like a Rottweiler/lab mix– and if you’ve never seen Rottweiler in her personality, it’s because the lab won out. :)

  21. We see these all dogs all the time here in the native villages. They’re often generically called res dogs but we list them on petfinder as huskyxshep. Actually, in many of the communities we have an idea of the possible mix because they’re very remote communities & we know what dogs are up there. These guys often really are the offspring of husky & gsd :-)

    I fostered two like it:
    Kailee at bottom of this post

    & Nelly

    Shadow had gorgeous ears!